The Tower’s 62-Character Override Code

In Revolution’s Season 1, Episode 19, Children Of Men, Aaron was able to open the Tower’s door by entering a 62-character override code from Dr. Jane Warren’s book. This is a screen shot of the page Aaron was looking at:


62-character override code

(You can click it for a larger version of the image.)

The code appears to be:

46 67 6e 69 74 65 20 74 68 65 20
77 6f 72 6c 64 2c 20 77 61 74 63 68
20 69 74 20 62 75 72 6e

(Some of the characters on the right of the screen are hard to read and may be wrong, except see below.)

This looks like 31 hexadecimal numbers separated by spaces. Hexadecimal is “base 16” and is commonly used with computers. The 16 hexadecimal numbers are the digits 0 through 9, and the letters a through f. “a” is 10, “b” is 11, up to “f” is 15. The next number, “10” represents 16.

With a 2-digit hexadecimal number, you can represent the numbers from 0 to 255, which is the number of combinations in a “byte.”

There are a lot of “20”s in here. Hexadecimal 20 stands out because it is a “space” in the ASCII table. ASCII standard for “American Standard Code for Information Interchange,” and is the code that is used to display characters on computer screens.

If you convert these hexadecimal characters to ASCII characters, it reads:

Fgnite the world, watch it burn

The first character, 46 is a capital “F.” A capital “I” (which would make the word “Ignite” which would make more sense) is hexadecimal 49.

The characters on the far right are hard to read. The “68” on the end of the 2nd line could be “67” or “63” but w-a-t-c-[something else] doesn’t make sense with a “g” or “c” at the end.

So, this is very interesting that Grace and Rachel’s warning that there is a 1 in a billion chance that flipping the switch to turn the power back on would set everything on fire is also written as a warning in the Tower override code. Aaron, given enough time, would figure this out. He probably could re-create the ASCII table on paper and decode this message, but he probably did not have enough time to do this.

It will be interesting to see if we see any of this again, and why does it say “Fgnite”? We’ll be watching!

What do you think? Add your comments below.

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  1. This code is a total brain buster I’m worried about the power going back on I think this will put the world into further chaos I hope Aaron and Rachel aren’t making a fatal error in judgment and what about Randal I bet He made it to level 12 already and who knows what He might be capable of!!

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