Screen shots from Grace’s computer

Greetings, Revolution fans.

In Chained Heat, we are treated to quite a few quick shots of Grace’s computer as she communicated with others who have the USB device. Being a computer geek, I thought I’d share some screen captures I made and discuss what I can make out of them.

Strings to Encrypt

Some programming like structure and the top of the list of names.

This first shot is shown as a quick flash of Grace’s computer when Maggie and Aaron are talking about the possibility of getting the electricity back on. It shows some Lisp programming of what appears to be an encryption program, along with the top of a list of names titled “String to Encrypt.” The real item that grabs your attention are the names at the top of the list. They are:

  • Rachel Matheson
  • Grace Beaumont
  • Randall

These are three names we already know! The most intriguing question is why is Rachel’s name at the top of the list, along with Grace and Randall? The only thing we currently know that ties all three of them together is that they all know about the USB device. Could this be a list of everyone that knows about it?

List of Names

Complete list of names

Next, we have the full list of names. I had to edit two screen shots together to get the full list, and I might have missed some at the end, but this will be worth taking a look at every time we meet a new named character. To make it easier to find these names, I’ll type the rest all out.

  • Mirjam Bohnet-Brew
  • Erin Hunter
  • Roger Lively
  • Beth Robinson-Bromley
  • Michael Dooling
  • Doug Sloan
  • Luke Conner
  • Billy Frank
  • Doug Meerdink
  • Matthew Jacobs
  • George Maya
  • Amy Tipton
  • Paul Markovich
  • Sam Ogden
  • Rick Clark
  • Rudy Persico
  • Ian Prange
  • Scott Oberholzer
  • Sean Bozeman
  • Alex Ostapiej
  • Ross Burchfield
  • David Moxness
  • David Stockton
  • Matt Doll
  • Mike Repeta

ksh and modem codesThe last computer screen shot is very similar to one we’ve seen in the first episode when Grace connects to whomever is on the other side of the computer screen. This shot gives us the most insight into what Grace’s setup is like. The top line is almost what a Linux shell script’s first line would look like, but there is a typo. To start a shell script, you would normally have #!/usr/bin/ksh in the first line, telling the computer to use the Korn Shell to run the script. Instead, the screen is showing #t, which might just be there to piss of any OCD Linux users.

The next line references “cserve.v”, which seems very computer like, but Google only finds people talking about these screen shots. The next like shows that she is going to connect to “16657/78” using the Point to Point Protocol, which is how dial up networking connects to the internet. It’s worth noting that in the first episode, the number was “8397/37” that she connected to.

The rest is just things that look very close, but not quite like standard internet settings. “mtu” is often set to 1492 or 1500, not anywhere a small as 296. AT commands are what you would send to a modem to connect over a phone line. I will note here that ALL the commands set the modem to be completely default settings, and could be replaced with command to “reset to defaults”, ATZ0. Also, I’m not sure what the last line is all about, but that is where you would put the phone number to connect to. OTD192957BBOSA is not a phone number, of course.

Plans on the deskFinally, I’ve got a shot of the plans you can briefly see on Grace’s desk before Randall gets there. I’ve rotated and transformed the images as best as I could, but until a Bluray comes out, we won’t be able to read any of the text. The drawing in the center is very fascinating though, and looks just like a cartoon version of a death ray. Hopefully we’ll get more information about this device next episode when we see Randall and Grace talk.

That’s all I got for now. I hope to find out more about this communication method the USB device holders have, whether or not they are part of either the resistance or the militia. If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them below this post. I’d love to have a conversation with other fans about this.

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7 Responses to Screen shots from Grace’s computer

  1. Tom Snively says:

    Great job, Stephen!

    One of my first thoughts was that the producers would stick inside Easter Egg names in the list. I tried Googling some of the less popular names. Beth Robinson-Bromley lives in Wilmington, NC where they film a lot. Alex Ostapiej and Scott Oberholzer have IMDB entries for working on TV/movies in the past.


  2. Nasty Butler says:

    Why is Randell the only one with no last name? Is he so famous that he only goes by his first name? Or have the writers not yet figured out who he is or do not want to reveal?? Either way, kinda cheesy.

  3. Jim Miller says:

    Thanks for grabbing/making these screen shots! They will be a great reference as the show progresses.

  4. Jim Miller says:

    The schematics remind me of a rotor assembly on top of a helicopter. There also looks like a pair of helicopter blades in the diagram. Not quite as sexy as a device to restore the electricity, but still kind of cool.

  5. R.C. says:

    Jim, notice that in the middle of the “Machine” there appear to blades with arrows indicating rotation. I would assume that the blades shown in detail are the blades on the machine. So this makes me wonder if it is wind powered or is it something that will fly? I’m hoping that we learn more.

    Stephen, thanks for the screen shots! Great work.

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  7. Kyle Pope says:

    Bradley Jaffe is not on the list.

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