Revolution Questions and Answers

This is an attempt to list the big questions–the questions that are asked during an episode and not answered. When we get the answer to a question, we’ll include that, as well as which episode we find out the answer. Of course, many answers come with new questions.

Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot
What caused the blackout?Randall used Ben/Rachel's technology as a weapon. They ran containment tests, but Ben and Rachel wanted to test more. Randall pushed forward using the weapon in Afghanistan. Nanites that absorb electricity and replicate were unleased and not contained. It spread worldwide in under a minute. S01E11 and S01E13
Why can't they re-create electronic devices?Partial probably answer: Electricity is being inhibited. S01E07
The nanites are still out there, and everywhere. S01E13
Why did electronic devices with engines or batteries (cars and cell phones) shut off?Partial probably answer: Electricity is being inhibited. S01E07
It seems nanites absorb this electricity as well.
How did Ben and Rachel know about the blackout before it happened?Ben and Rachel were working on something related to the power. S01E05
What did Ben download to his USB flash drive?
How did Rachel die "out there?"She didn't. Rachel is alive. S01E02 She told Monroe there are 12 pendants.
How did Ben know exactly where Miles was?
How did Ben know Miles was good at killing?
What happened to Grace's son?
[Update from S01E03, what happened to Grace's other child?]
Grace implied that she lost a child, meaning her son died.
If Nate is in the militia, why did he save Charlie?It's pretty clear that he likes her. S01E11
How did Miles' friend Sebastian Monroe become the head of the Republic and militia?Miles and Monroe started the militia together. S01E03
How does Grace's pendant work? Does it emit electricity? Does it shield a local area from whatever caused the blackout?Not definitive, but it seems like it inhibits the accidental invention that inhibits electricity. S01E07
How does Grace communicate over distances?
With whom was Grace communicating?Other pendant owners like John Sanborn also had computers and communication. S01E11
Season 1, Episode 2: Chained Heat
Where are Maggie's kids?Maggie and her kids lived in England. Maggie was in Seattle when the blackout occurred. S01E04
How do Miles and Nora know each other?Miles and Nora were together when Miles was a General in the militia. S01E09
What did Nora mean when she told Miles “You were supposed to stay away from me.”?
What is the meaning of the list of names Grace is encrypting?
What are the designs on Grace's desk for? How about the bound book with the power symbol on it?
Who is Randall? How does he also have a pendant?Randall Flynn was an Assistant Secretary of the Department of Defense and funded Ben and Rachel's startup after their accidental invention. S01E07
If Rachel is alive, why did Ben tell the children she died?Possible answer. It seems Miles found Ben between 11 and 15 years after the blackout after he left the militia. He saw a dead body he thought was Rachel's. He probably told Ben what he saw.
Why is Rachel with General Monroe?Rachel turned herself into the militia, apparently on Miles' suggesion. S01E04
Season 1, Episode 3: No Quarter
What did Randall do with Grace?Partial answer: He has her locked up somewhere, but she appears unharmed. S01E07
Update: S01E11 This seems to be at "The Tower."
When Nora was pregnant, was it Frank's baby?
If Miles was instrumental in training the militia, why did he leave?
[Update S01E05, he told Neville, "You wouldn't understand."]
Miles tried to assassinate Monroe, but couldn't pull the trigger. He admitted in a hallucination that Monroe went to far and there was too much blood. S01E09
Why did Ben's/Aaron's pendant switch on by itself? Why did it shut off by itself after 1 minute, 20 seconds?
Update S01E07 it did it again for about one minute when Aaron was in the lighthouse.
Randall told Monroe that he can turn them on remotely - send a ping - so he can track where they are. S01E12 It's a trick he learned from Grace.
Season 1, Episode 4: The Plague Dogs
What was Rachel designing on her pad?Partial answer: It looked like the room where Randall has Grace. S01E08
Is "algebra teacher" a cover for the pendant owners?
Why does Monroe think Ben worked for Department of Defense and have full SAP clearance?
Why has Monroe extracted no information about the power from Rachel in 8 years?Apparently Rachel was very good at keeping secrets, even when tortured. She gave no information until it was clear that Danny would be in danger. S01E07
What kind of torture did Sergeant Strausser do on Rachel?
What happened during "the wars?"
Why did Rachel turn herself in to Miles and the militia?It seems she did it to protect Ben and the kids. S01E17
Did Ben know Rachel was turning herself in?
Season 1, Episode 5: Soul Train
Why did Nate/Jason save Charlie again by throwing her out of the train?It's pretty clear that he likes her. S01E11
Season 1, Episode 6: Sex and Drugs
What is the relationship really like between Drexel's organization and the Monroe Militia? Are they allowed to have all their guns?
What happened to Aaron's wife? Is she still alive?She is alive. She has a family living in Texas. She is wanted by the Monroe Republic for stabbing a militia Sergeant. S01E15
What happened to Sean's group?Priscilla said everyone she was with died. S01E15
Season 1, Episode 7: The Children's Crusade
If a weaponized version of Ben's startup's accidental invention caused the blackout, how do the pendants inhibit the inhibition?
What is the range of the working pendants? The lighthouse light was a good distance from Aaron in the basement.Rachel demonstrated that the range is 9 or 10 feet. S01E09
Why would it be too dangerous for Randall to let Grace go?
Season 1, Episode 8: Ties That Bind
What are the pendants made of?
[Update: S01E12 The inside is a USB flash drive that can be destroyed in acid.]
Where is Randall's location with the large machine and the pendant monitors?
[Update: S01E11 This seems to be "The Tower." ]
Not definitive, but it seems like The Tower is in Colorado. S01E14
Update: The Tower is in Colorado Springs, Colorado. S01E18
Is Randall's location powered by one pendant? Or does he use an amplifier of some kind?Not definitive, but Randall said the Tower is not affected by the blackout (thus they don't need a pendant or amplifier). It is not clear what kind of power source they have. S01E19
What is the task that Randall want Grace to do? (Re Monroe having a pendant: "I'm not going to do anything about it. You are.")Partial answer: Randall wants Grace to fix the elevator so Randall can go to Level 12. Is that it?
Update: Yes, it seems Randall planned on destroying Monroe by getting to Level 12.
Season 1, Episode 9: Kashmir
If the pendants only work in a range of 9 or 10 feet, how did the light at the top of the lighthouse still work? S01E07
Season 1, Episode 10: Nobody's Fault But Mine
Why did Rachel ask Charlie if Uncle Miles hurt her?
Why did Rachel slap Miles?
Season 1, Episode 11: The Stand
How did the militia have fuel for the helicopters that worked after 15 years?Partial answer: It seems helicpter/car operators would siphon fuel from other vehicles. S01E18
What was the relationship between Miles and Rachel?
[Update S01E15: How did Miles hurt Rachel? What did he do to her?]
They had an "ugly" fling when they were kids. S01E17
What kind of surgical procedure did Danny have 1 year before the blackout?It seems the first generation nanotech capsule was inserted into Danny to repair his lung tissue. S01E17
Why does Randall want to get down to Level 12 (of the Tower)?Apparently, people on Level 12 have the power to kill anyone on the globe. S01E19
How did Randall drive a distance (regarding gas/fuel and cleared roads)?It seems car drivers can drive around the stopped vehicles on the roads as Neville's caravan showed. S01E13
It seems helicopter/car operators would siphon fuel from other vehicles. S01E18
Why is Randall offering to help General Monroe? What's in it for him?Randall wants to collect all the pendants, and needs choppers and soldiers to get them. S01E12
Update: Randall was using Monroe to destroy Georgia. He was then going to destroy Monroe. S01E20
What is the blinking device that was inside of Danny? Why did Rachel extract it?It had nanites in it, and it was keeping Danny alive. S01E14
Season 1, Episode 12: Ghosts
How does Randall think the world will be safer with him and Monroe in charge of the power?
What is the nature of the "virus" that is in place in Kabul the night of the blackout?Partial answer: Was this "virus" the nanites that caused the blackout? S01E13
Season 1, Episode 13: The Song Remains The Same
If the nanites absorb electricity and people breathe them in, why doesn't it effect the human body?
If something went wrong at the Tower, but Rachel doesn't know what it was, why would she think she can fix it?
How did Neville get the nail?
Why is Rachel confident that she won't survive a return trip to see Charlie?
Season 1, Episode 14: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
How did Dr. Warren's device burn up the Monroe soldiers?It seems that the nanites can be programmed to do almost anything. S01E17
How do the nanites eat tumors to stabilize cancer?It seems that the nanites can be programmed to do almost anything. S01E17
What kind of illness did Danny have that was being stopped by the nanites?He had problems with his lung tissue. S01E17
What did Miles do to Georgia Federation President Kelly Foster personally?
Season 1, Episode 15: Home
Where is Emma and Monroe's son?
Update S02E06, Miles knew about the son, and hid him from Monroe for the son's safety.
His name is Connor Bennett. Miles brought him to Puesta Del Sol, Mexico to live with his uncle and aunt more than seven years before the blackout. S02E10
Season 1, Episode 16: The Love Boat
Why is Aaron in Dr. Warren's journal?Aaron wrote the code for the operating system that The Tower was using. (MIT sold it to the Dept of Defense.) S01E20
What killed Mr. Austin in The Tower elevator at level 7?It seems this was one of Dan’s guys--the Level 12 protectors. S01E19
Season 1, Episode 17: The Longest Day
Who is the mole?It was Jim Hudson. The militia captured his wife. S01E18
Season 1, Episode 18: Clue
Who are all the people inside the Tower?These are the people who were working in the Tower at the time of the blackout, and their descendants. They are protecting Level 12. S01E19
Season 1, Episode 19: Children Of Men
How can you kill someone anywhere in the world?You can launch an ICBM at their city.
What is the meaning of the message in the override code: Fgnite the world, watch it burn
What were they doing with monkeys on Level 11 of the Tower?
What are The Tower people eating?
Season 1, Episode 20: The Dark Tower
Who would want to spread the blackout worldwide on purpose?
Was there any significance to the lightning Monroe saw when power was restored?
Why is the "US Government" hiding/waiting in Cuba?
Who is the President now?
Was it really the US Government's plan to nuke Philly and Atlanta?Yes, it seems the Patriots's plan, including Randall, was to get the power on just to nuke Philly and Atlanta, taking out two nations and creating the false flag so they can come in and save everyone remaining. S02E04
Season 2, Episode 1: Born In The U.S.A.
What happened in the Tower after the bombs fell?Aaron almost turned the nanites on again, but his terminal crashed. The bombs landed on Atlanta and Philadelphia. Neville's group got in the Level 12 room. The power in the Tower went out and the computers surged. S02E02
Why is the power off again?
What was in the barn that made Miles' hand and face bloody, and make him burn it?
Why were the fireflies acting strangely?
Did Titus Andover and his family know who they were taking?No, it seems they did not. S02E03
How could Aaron come back to life like that?
Season 2, Episode 2: There Will Be Blood
Why were the rats dead?
Why did Aaron have a hallucination about Ben?
What did Ben mean by, "Aaron, it's you. It's you, Aaron."
Why did Aaron's terminal crash a few seconds before the bombs dropped on Philadelphia and Atlanta?
Why is Titus's guy (Garrett) writing to Secretary Allenford in Arabic?He is a Patriot and apparently sent a status of Titus's group and Willoughby. The Patriots paid Titus to scare Willoughby. S02E03
Who is the woman that Titus is giving medical attention to?It is Titus's wife, Jessica, who is diabetic and has renal failure. S02E03
Season 2, Episode 3: Love Story
How do the Patriots have so many soldiers? Were they all from Guantanamo Bay?No, the Patriots have "reprogramming centers" where they can create more soldiers. S02E05
Why do they Patriots want Willoughby?
What is Jason's new special plan?It was to go to the "reprogramming center." S02E05
Season 2, Episode 4: Patriot Games
Why was Rachel not punished for breaking into Ed Truman's office?
If they have "Wanted" signs for Rachel, why don't they arrest her in Willoughby?It was Dr. Horn that put out the Wanted posters. Dr. Horn just wanted to talk to her. S02E07
How/why did Aaron pass out and have visions of Miles through the fireflies?
How many "undercover" Patriots are there? Is there anyone else we know who is with the Patriots?Update S02E06, Gene was working with the Patriots.
How did the two soldiers burst into flame? Was Aaron responsible?
Update S02E07, two more soldiers burst into flame the same way.
Season 2, Episode 5: One Riot, One Ranger
Texas has 70% of their troops at the Southern border. Is this a war with Mexico?
Season 2, Episode 6: Dead Man Walking
How did the Patriots know where Monroe was?Gene could hear Miles, Rachel and so on through vents in his house. S02E07
How did Aaron see the Patriots' Illuminati symbol?
Why was Rachel digging up Monroe's grave?She didn't prepare a lethal injection, she prepared barbituates to make it seem as if he were dead. S02E07
Season 2, Episode 7: The Patriot Act
What was the powder Dr. Horn dissolved and drank?
Season 2, Episode 8: Come Blow Your Horn
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Season 2, Episode 9: Everyone Says I Love You
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Season 2, Episode 10: The Three Amigos
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7 Responses to Revolution Questions and Answers

  1. Jim Miller says:

    I just noticed this page. Great idea! I’ve thought a few more questions you might want to add.

    Episode 1

    1)What was Rachel doing on her laptop at the start of the pilot? This is the same laptop Ben used to download something to his USB pendant.

    Rachel’s laptop

    Episode 2

    What is in the ‘power’ book on Grace’s desk?

    Power book

    What did Nora mean when she told Miles “You were supposed to stay away from me.”?

    Episode 3

    What happened to Grace’s other child? There is a brief shot of a family photo in Grace’s house showing her with two children. The other looks like it may be a girl, but it’s not clear.

    Grace’s kids

    Multiple episodes

    Why is Monroe only now starting to question Rachel about the blackout? Rachel has been in the custody of the militia for at about 8 years (Charlie was 12 when Rachel left, is 20 now).

  2. Todd says:

    Nobody seems to be picking up on all the hints that Rachel caused the blackout. She did it to save Danny’s life – we already know that the proliferation of nanites was keeping him alive. In “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” she alludes to Dr. Warren that she has done horrible things to keep Danny alive and killed “too many people”. In a flashback in “Children of Men” she has a suicidal breakdown about over it (although she does not tell Ben the whole truth). And in this episode she hushes up Aaron when he starts to explain how someone used his backdoor to purposely cause the blackout. It was Rachel – crazy-ass Rachel!!!

  3. Aidyn says:

    RE: Episode 9
    The pendent started the engine that powered the lighthouse, it was on the same level.

    • Tom Snively says:


      That’s true. Does a lighthouse require electricity to operate from the bottom to the top? The actual light was on the top.


  4. Adam Vassallo says:

    I really don’t understand Miles. This guy was willing to conscript his brother and sister-in-law. Torture them and their children if he needs to, but the death of a would be assassin’s family makes him change his ways. As the commanding general he was quite clear that he didn’t care about hurting Rachel in order to turn the power on. So why would seeing her presumed dead body make any difference. Considering he has had at least 4 significant romances that he willingly brought some form of harm to I don’t think the unrequited love angle works. Helping Charlie actually made sense, it was the same reasons he left Parris Island.

  5. tvig says:

    I was always curious about the episode where Danny tried to escape Neville in Indiana where the tornado almost kills Neville in the cellar, why was there lightning if the nanites were consuming all of the electricity?? I also found it a bit perplexing how they made it from somewhere in the upper midwest to Atlanta in seemingly less than a days worth of travel on foot. This may happen later on (I’m only on S1E11), but for them to travel the distances they do on foot it would take months, why do the seasons never seem to change??

    Just a couple of things that nag me about this series. Otherwise, the story is keeping me occupied for now.

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