Con Report – WonderCon Anaheim 2013 – Part Two

In Part One of my WonderCon report, I talked about the Q&A panel that was held on Saturday March 30th at WonderCon. Here in Part Two, I’ll share my experience in the Press Room after the panel.

After the panel wrapped up, I made my way over to the Press Room and waited for Holli and her coworker Mark to clear my entrance without a Press badge. The way the Press Room worked is that there were a bunch of tables set up, with a reserved chair for a panelist at each of the tables. The panelists, once finished with photos on the other side of the curtains, would spend 5-10 minutes at each table, with approximately 4-5 press members at each table. I didn’t pick the best seat for photo-taking, as I was just to the right of the panelist’s chair.

Tim Guinee joined us first. He walked around the table and each of us introduced ourselves. Tim couldn’t tell us much because he wasn’t really allowed to spoil us. He was able to share that the cast is usually quite surprised when they get their scripts. One of the other interviewers asked if there was a betting pool on what they’ll see in the scripts. Tim agreed that there should be a pool, but lamented that they’d all likely lose money, as their own theories usually aren’t right! One theory that Tim shared is that he believes that the International Space Station still has power. Based on what he knows about why the power went out, he’s pretty sure this theory is plausible.

Daniella Alonso was next. As a woman, I cringe to say this, but Daniella was absolutely adorable. (No self-respecting woman I know wants to be adorable.) She was just so excited to hear that I’d already seen Monday’s episode and that her ass-kicking was not edited out. She’d taken on 12 guys at once in her fight scene. They learn these types of scenes bit by bit without any formal training in fighting, hence it took 17 hours to shoot. Although they were currently working on the last episode of the season, Daniella noted that she doesn’t see the episodes until they air. Even though we had 4 months off from Revolution, the cast and crew only got December off. Similar to the Q&A panel, she was asked about what electronics she’d miss most in a Revolution-type blackout. Like most of the cast, she shared that it was her cell phone. Daniella did note that where they shoot in Wilmington, NC, there is basically no cell coverage, so she pretty much knows what it’s like to be without a cell phone already.

David Lyons was next. He remarked how we’d all probably been doing this all day, and I commented that this was my first and only experience in the Press Room. He remembered that I had asked a question in the panel! One of the other interviewers asked about working with Giancarlo Esposito, and David raved about him, sharing how great he was in “Do The Right Thing.” We talked about how we don’t really know who’s above Monroe, and could it be someone we’ve already met but never suspected. David was asked about whether he thought we’d see a redemption of Monroe like we did to some extent for Miles, and David asked “How do you redeem a man who has destroyed so many lives?” 

Billy Burke then joined us. When it was my turn, I asked Billy in a little more detail about how they get the dynamic right if they don’t really get the backstory. Basically, he said acting is a lot of guesswork. I’d say they guess right! Billy said “I kind of dig it that way.” I’m not sure if we here at Revolution Fan Podcast knew this already, but Billy was actually originally cast as Bass! Then Eric Kripke called him and said “I think you’ll find this good news.” The show had such a tough time casting Miles, and realized that Billy would be perfect for it. David Lyons joined the show pretty late in the game as Bass. Now Billy can’t imagine it any other way, and thinks David Lyons is just awesome as Bass.

Tracy Spiridakos talked to us about the intense energy on the set when filming Danny’s (Graham Rogers) last day. Everyone was really sad to see him go. The cast is very close, hanging out quite a lot outside of work. She spends a lot of time with Billy Burke, and joked that they don’t get along at all. Tracy thinks Eric Kripke has a “great big mind.” Sounds like Tracy and her TV dad Tim Guinee feel the same way about Eric Kripke, as Tim had also noted that he has a “great mind.”

Elizabeth Mitchell told us that even though she’s played some pretty fearsome characters, her son has no fear of her. 😉 Rachel scares the heck out of her. Elizabeth found the screwdriver scene shocking. I’d noted that at first I thought “Okay, she’s a Mama Bear protecting her cubs,” but now, I’m not so sure! We agree that Rachel is pretty scary.

David Rambo. Since I’d already asked the actors if they worked from a bible, I asked David Rambo if the writers did, or if they built the backstory as they went along. While the writers and producers have some commonly held assumptions and beliefs about the characters, they don’t really have a bible that they’re working from. If it hasn’t aired yet, and they come up with something better, they can change the backstory. Only once have they sent a writer to be on set (Episode 8). With such a small team (only 7 writers), David said it was akin to trying to play a baseball game without a second baseman. He talked a little more about the group of physicists that came to validate the reason behind the power going out. They even went so far as to give the show information about downstream impacts from the cause of the blackout, for decades down the road, beyond the lifespan of our characters.

Unfortunately, we ran out of time, and we didn’t get the opportunity to chat with Zak Orth. 🙁

In general, we learned that episodes 13, 20, and 22 are a big deal. If you want to see some of the interviews themselves, TV for the Rest of Us is posting the interviews from our table here. This was really an amazing experience, and all the panelists were fun to talk to!

Thus ends my Revolution con report for WonderCon Anaheim 2013. Thanks for reading!

Next con: Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con (May 30th – June 2nd), where Giancarlo Esposito is supposed to be in attendance.

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