Con Report – WonderCon Anaheim 2013 – Part One

WonderConBannerSo I’ve designated this year “Year of the Con,” and my first con experience of this year was at WonderCon Anaheim during the Easter long weekend. I was lucky enough to get Thursday, Friday, and Sunday badges for San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), so I figured WonderCon would be a great primer.

When the schedule was posted a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited to find out that there were a couple of Revolution activities. I figured “what a great opportunity to plug the podcast!” I started by updating my Twitter profile to reflect this site, then I got some calling cards made, and then I decided on our hiatus podcast that shirts would be an awesome idea.

My first Revolution experience at WonderCon was a screening on Friday of Monday’s episode. Now all of you know how fabulous the episode was, and it really got me psyched for the panel that I knew was coming on Saturday.

So, if you’ve never done a con like this before, patience is key – be prepared to WAIT…A LOT, and enjoy the wait. It was important to line up early because I didn’t want to be too far back. I wanted to be able to easily ask a question during the panel, so I forewent all other things and prepared to spend my entire day in the Arena. The Arena is WonderCon Anaheim’s version of Hall H, if you’re a veteran of SDCC. I arrived at the Arena line somewhere around 9am, and while I wasn’t in the area directly outside the Arena, I still had a decent shot at a good seat. The first event in the Arena on Saturday started at 11:30am, and the pattern that had been established so far was letting us in around an hour before the start. That gave me an hour and half to sit, which is nothing compared to SDCC. I met my new pal @BGFCentral (who has the most awesome Transformers text message alert) in line, and we talked about anything and everything. She does the con/event planning thing professionally, so I got great advice about congoing and she got the average congoer’s experience.

Hanging with my new pal was actually the catalyst to my awesome day. You see, she tweeted this pic of me. More on that later! All my waiting time in the Arena was super awesome: 1st up was a Pacific Rim Q&A, then “Trailer Park” where we saw a bunch of movie trailers, and then FINALLY, it was time for the Revolution Q&A.

The panel included Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie), Zak Orth (Aaron), David Lyons (Monroe), Daniella Alonso (Nora) and Tim Guinee (Ben), as well as co-executive producer/writer David Rambo. I’m sure that a million other people have YouTube videos of the actual panel, and I have a collection of small tweets from during the panel as well.

The panels usually start with a “sizzle reel” and then the moderator (TVGuide’s Natalie Abrams) kicks things off with questions collected prior to the panel. The sizzle reel was appropriately spoilerish, containing bits from the episode that would air on Monday (April 1st) as well stuff from later in the season. That started my first tweet off to Jenn, because based on our last podcast for “The Stand” I knew she wasn’t going to be happy with one of the developments.

I’m sure if you search YouTube you can find a bunch of clips from the moderated part of the panel, but I wasn’t really taking notes at that point. I mostly remember what I tweeted, so here are the highlights – stream of consciousness style. 😉

One of the first things Tim Guinee did was call out his TV wife on kissing his TV brother. We learned that we’ll find out why the lights went out in Episode 13. What’s really cool is that the show brought in a group of physicists to sanity check their explanation. The physicists agreed that it was actually possible. Elizabeth Mitchell talked about how Rachel has made a lot of bad choices for a lot of good reasons. Billy Burke piped up that it was why Miles likes her. In the rest of the season we’ll find out more about Miles and Monroe’s shared past and childhood. We’ll meet Miles’ “first love,” and we’ll be reminded that Monroe pretty much covets everything Miles ever has. Miles is evidently going to be getting lots of kissing action, and the running joke of the panel was around kissing Miles/Billy Burke, and Tim Guinee joked that he joined the show because he knew Billy Burke was a good kisser. Zak Orth joked that he was promised that everyone will kiss Billy next season, but from what he’d experienced Billy was just “OK.” Billy reminded us that “people have to make babies in the future.”

The moderated part of the panel was very entertaining, and then it was time for audience questions. I quickly checked my braces for stuck food as prior question-asking folks showed up on the big screen in the room, and then I lined up. I was actually only second in the line. The handler at the microphone asked me my question ahead of time. I’m assuming that was to make sure I actually had a question. My question approved, I took a breath and said “Hi, I’m Shelley.” Sound familiar? The panelists all waved and said “hi” and then I asked my question. I asked the actors, “Given that so much of the story is told in backstory and flashbacks, are they working from a bible or do they just get the backstory as they get each script?” Turns out, it’s just as they get each script.

Question asked and answered, I went back to my seat. Not long after I took my seat, the Warner Brothers publicity person Holli who introduced the panel came over to me and asked if I was Shelley from the podcast. She’d seen my picture in the tweet from earlier that morning. When I confirmed that I was, she asked if I would be interested in coming to the Press Room after the panel. Well, of course I said “YES”!

Read all about my experience in the Press Room in Part Two of my WonderCon 2013 Con Report.

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