052 Revolution Fan Podcast – Declaration Of Independence

S02E22-Declaration-Of-IndependenceIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 22, the series finale, Declaration Of Independence. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, Revolution Revealed, and read and talk about your feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Our overall impression of the episode. Shelley didn’t even think it was a good season finale. Tom thought it was a good way to wrap up the Patriots.
  • Priscilla in her dream state with her two girls. How quickly did time pass in her mind?
  • Priscilla seeing her kids faceless was a little strange. Jenn says it is like a glitch in the Matrix.podcast-150x150
  • In the final edition of Revolution Revealed, Paul Grellong makes the parallel of Aaron urging Priscilla out of her dream, vs. Priscilla as the face of the nanites when Aaron was in his state in episode 15.
  • Is Bradbury, Idaho named after Ray Bradbury? Jenn really likes Neil Gaiman’s “The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury” which you can listen to on Soundcloud.
  • Neville, Truman, and President Truman get visited by dead loved ones. Were these people more susceptible than average?
  • As an aside, we talk about the show 24.
  • Shelley thought there should have been more with Connor watching Neville talk with “nobody.”
  • We liked the Miles plan to kidnap President Davis and to get him to confess in front of Texas General Blanchard. But why did Monroe stop at the shack? We can’t figure any reason why.
  • Shelley reminds us of Monroe’s time as a Marine. He probably checked out the shack when he first got there and figured out how he could escape if cornered like he was.
  • We talked about “watering the horses.” Shelley thought it was interesting that Miles chose Monroe to do it.
  • Truman’s “Plan B” was really clever and worked well.
  • Truman, Gene and Connor all survived season 2. We kind of thought they all might have been killed at different times this season.
  • Rob liked that now, after two seasons, there was a true Revolution.
  • On Revolution Revealed, Paul Grellong talked about the importance of Willoughby throughout season two, and how it was fitting to spend the first part of this episode saving it.
  • We speculate how season three would start. We think Aaron, Priscilla, Rachel and Miles would go to Bradbury, Idaho.
  • The final entry of Aaron’s Journal was called The Future.
  • Tom and Rob talk about the dead loves ones and the people walking mindlessly to Bradbury, Idaho.
  • When the “Patriots” came in to rescue the President, Rob thinks they would have just killed Team Miles.
  • Rob thought it was convenient that Neville and Connor had lots of ammunition but then ran out exactly when they were locked in with a wooden door.

We read and talked about comments from Kyle Pope and Carrespondent from our last episode regarding Revolution losing their audience and The Walking Dead.

Shelley and Jenn talk about the science fiction and fantasy that they read.

We talked about our podcasting journey over two years and 52 episodes. Thanks to all of you for listening and to those of you that send in feedback. You can find Shelley’s articles on PaperDroids.com.

Tom released a 17-song instrumental music album called “Major 7ths and Minor 9ths.” It includes the Revolution Fan Podcast Theme, video game, new age, and jazz songs. You can listen or stream from the Bandcamp web site, and if you’d like to download it, pay what you want. Pay $0 or more. You can find it at tomsnively.bandcamp.com.

You can play Tom’s web-based “Match Em” video game here: http://revolutionfanpodcast.com/game. It is a matching game but not a Match-3 and not a memory game. It requires a computer browser and does not yet work on iPhone or iPad.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of this post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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