051 Revolution Fan Podcast – Memorial Day

S02E21-Memorial-DayIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 21, Memorial Day. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, Revolution Revealed, and read and talk about an email feedback.

NBC has cancelled Revolution. We spent a bit of time talking about how the networks choose what they are going to renew. We also talked about whether they had two different endings, one that led into season 3, and one that tries to settle things more.

We will keep up the website and podcast feed going, and keep the Twitter account open @RevFanPodcast. If there is any Revolution news down the line, or if our gang decides to create a new podcast about a similar show, we will let you know both with a short new episode and on Twitter.podcast-150x150

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Jenn loved the “Because you’re Rachel!” answer to why she slapped Nano-Priscilla.
  • We talked about Aaron being exposed to “We Built This City” being played over and over. Would it be worse to hear “Crazy For You” by Madonna over and over instead?
  • Rachel handled the new information really calmly.
  • “We have a rat room.” The Revolution writers answered one of our long-standing questions from Season 2, Episode 2, There Will Be Blood – why were all those rats dead? They also answered about the fireflies.
  • Was it the real Priscilla that opened its eyes after electrocution didn’t work. Jenn and Shelley don’t think so. If it was really Priscilla, she would have had a bigger reaction after waking up from a happier state.
  • Priscilla said “Now I’m really angry.” Jenn and Shelley talk about The Incredible Hulk in a geek-aside.
  • We’re going to miss Aaron. Rob told us that Zak Orth appeared in an episode of season 1 of Fringe.
  • Jenn questioned Marion getting people for the resistance. She couldn’t give people a survey because she’d be caught if she asked the wrong folks.
  • What was Truman’s plan for Marion? Was he going to kill her with the gas, or save her and have her know the Patriots were responsible? Would there have been any way to save her and still blame California?
  • What is Truman’s plan now? Is he planning on killing the Texas President? Tom thinks he is a target but Jenn and Shelley don’t think so.
  • The Duncan militia guy that is a double agent is named Scanlon. Tom doesn’t think he was ever named on screen.
  • So Team Miles decides to steal a train. They couldn’t have banged on the red compartment first? 🙂
  • We talk about how they transported the mustard gas, and how they got it into the movable containers.
  • Jenn and Shelley didn’t get anything out of the train heist. Tom liked seeing Miles smile and celebrate at the end.
  • Jenn liked the pairing of Monroe, Connor and Neville. Alas the Miles-Monroe bromance ruins it. Tom liked the Neville’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” line.

We also compared Revolution to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones and their mainstream appeal. Why does The Walking Dead capture so many more viewers?

On this week’s Revolution Revealed, they talked about the Miles – “what would a good guy do” scene. They also talked about how Aaron and the nanite story was a bit like Snuffleupagus when only Big Bird could see him.

This week’s Aaron’s Journal was called The Moment I Knew. Aaron talks about his first three meetings with Priscilla and the moment he knew he loved her, and the present day moment when he knew he had to kill her.

We read an email from Marco. He mentioned how the NBC writers confirmed they were thinking of the MKUltra project (CIA mind control) when writing the Patriots and their camps.

We did a retro version of Kill Count. Miles and Charlie killed about five, and Gene killed a couple as well. Jenn mentioned Charlie had way-too-good success with a handgun on the top of the train.

Do we think the Patriots created new mustard gas, or was the US storing a lot of it in Guantanamo Bay? That brought up a retro version of Scientific Revolution.

We talk about what we expect for next week’s episode, Declaration of Independence. How is it all going to end? Maybe there could be some official novels continuing the story.

Tom created a web-based video game called “Match Em.” You can play it here: http://revolutionfanpodcast.com/game. It is a matching game but not a Match 3 and not a memory game. It requires a computer browser and does not yet work on iPhone or iPad.

We’d like your feedback. Call and leave a voicemail at:

  • (234) 738-3265
  • (234) REV-FAN5

or email revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com. To be included in our podcast we’ll generally need your feedback by Thursday afternoon.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of this post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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4 Responses to 051 Revolution Fan Podcast – Memorial Day

  1. Carrespondent says:

    I enjoy the podcast. I also feel compelled to say that none of you have the slightest understanding of the characters or the concept of “The Walking Dead.” Hey, no one has to like the show. But the show you described is absolutely nothing like TWD. Not even close. Here’s a hint: the title does not refer to the zombies (a term the show does not even use). Give it another shot! 🙂

    • Tom Snively says:

      You’re right, I don’t think any of us has watched it. Someday we might take a look.


      • Sean Carr says:

        Thank you for your response here and in the last podcast. The work all of you did in your podcast added to my enjoyment of the show. Well done. Perhaps we’ll all hear you when another show grabs you. Regards.

  2. Kyle Pope says:


    Revolution failed to hold an audience for one simple reason, it never addressed the premise on which it was based. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones didn’t make this mistake. Now I am not a fan of either of those shows and am not a watcher. However, I have seen them and recognize them as quality shows. They stick to the premises on which they’re based. The Walking Dead is about life in a world overrun with zombies. Game of Thrones is about the politics of Westeros.

    Revolution sold us on a thought provoking premise of a world without electricity. NBC went as far as having actual survival tips on the show’s website. Then it abandoned the premise ten minutes into the pilot. I was looking for a show that would explore the consequences of a permanent global blackout and how humanity would respond. A globe spanning adventure showing how different cultures confronted this problem and worked out solutions to restoring civilization would have been fascinating. Revolution didn’t go there. Instead it went with a generic quest, realized their mistake, rebooted, went with plucky rebels resisting an oppressive force and then threw nanites into the mix.

    So what happened to the show about survival in a world without electricity? The whole loss of electricity premise wasn’t even necessary to the stories Revolution was telling.

    When you consider that when Revolution debuted shows about preppers were very popular. Channels like Discovery and National Geographic were airing mockumentaries about life in a post-apocalyptic world. We had Life After People, Population Zero, After the Apocalypse, etc. Even if Revolution didn’t want to follow the grim post-apocalyptic survival route they could have created a new post-electric civilization. Steampunk is a very popular genre and offers the possibility of myriad worlds in which to set stories.

    In the end Revolution had no idea of what kind of show it wanted to be. After completely abandoning its initial premise it kept re-imagining itself trying to find something that worked. The introduction of the nanites was pretty much the first nail in Revolution’s coffin. When they started resurrecting the dead and conferring superpowers that was it for the show. The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones started with a single idea and ran with it and they have benefited as a result. The creators of Revolution didn’t learn this lesson. The principle of K.I.S.S. even applies to storytelling.

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