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S02E20-TomorrowlandIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 20, Tomorrowland. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, Revolution Revealed, and read and talk about an email feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • The episode title, “Tomorrowland.” Jenn suggests it is what the nanites are trying to do with all the people.
  • We liked Nano-Priscilla warning Aaron to run.
  • We weren’t sure why the birds were in danger if they are “higher” like Miles suggested.
  • Nano-Priscilla is very much like Skynet and HAL in saying that people are the problem.
  • podcast-150x150In this week’s Revolution Revealed, they wanted the Patriots to look like the Gasman of Kiev coming out of the mustard gas cloud. They also said the two Patriots at the end were lobotomized.
  • We liked Truman standing up for himself in the President Davis’s office. Was that really Roger Allenford’s blood on the chair?
  • Which is worse for the county? The Patriots or Monroe?
  • Is the Monroe / Neville alliance going to just work out well? The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Jenn and Shelley don’t think any former Monroe Militia members in the Northeast will not just go back to working for Monroe. They may be Patriots at this time as well.
  • The plan of convincing Marion of the Patriots’ true identity seems to have worked because of what she already saw in Truman’s drawer with the Yellow Cross.
  • We talk about this week’s Aaron’s Journal, Mind Games. Why do the nanites care if Aaron is happy?
  • Rob thinks Charlie and Rachel’s characters are not being used to the fullest intent. Rob wants to see a whole episode that is dependent on one of their decisions. It seems Rachel will be important in next week’s episode regarding the nanites.
  • Jenn liked the way Miles described his relationship with Rachel in the guitar pick scene: they are both miserable people, but good for each other.
  • We talked about the Neville / Shaw torture scene.

In the preview for next week, we see Rachel confronting Priscilla as being “her damn science project” and we see Miles suggesting they will steal the Patriot’s train containing the large car of mustard gas.

Rob asks what is the biggest thing we want to see resolved. Jenn wants to see the nanites destroyed. But if the Patriots were responsible for the blackout, we want the nanites to take out the Patriots first. Shelley and Jenn finally decide they want to get rid of the Patriots more.

The upcoming episode titles are:

  • May 14 – “Memorial Day”
  • May 21 – “Declaration of Independence”

We read an email from Rob Kearney. He suggests that there might be splinters in the nanites, where they have different factions that want different things.

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