048 Revolution Fan Podcast – Season 2 Late Hiatus

RFP048-DogChickenIn this brief episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom talks about the remaining schedule for Revolution’s season 2, a highlight and preview video that NBC released, and a new Aaron’s Journal.

NBC changed the schedule for the end of season 2. There was no episode this week. The new episode is Wednesday April 30th and the finale will be May 21st.

NBC released a 5-minute highlight and preview video. They do show Miles with the burning shed. In terms of upcoming spoilers, the Patriots are going to help Texas against California’s
“threat” with weapons and support. Miles and Monroe are going to kidnap the Patriot President and steal a train. Rachel will know that Priscilla is being controlled by the nanites. There is also a strange scene with a couple of men wearing gas masks, walking through a room of yellow gas.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Revolution folks can get Jennifer Garner to be a guest star as herself / Governor Affleck of California?


There is a new Aaron’s Journal called Legends. Aaron talks about missing supermarket tabloids, and he talks about legends like vampires, werewolves, and new things like Appalachian mountain dragon and Plains Nation firebirds. He also talks of the legend of the “Wintalef” (pictured above) with the head of a dog, and the body and feet of a chicken.

The upcoming Revolution episode titles are very interesting.

  • Apr 30 – “$#!& Happens”
  • May 7 – “Tomorrowland”
  • May 14 – “Memorial Day”
  • May 21 – “Declaration of Independence”

Tom has a music podcast called Making My Own Music. The new episode is an interview with Whitaker Trebella, the game designer and composer who made the game Pivvot. Tom’s interview with Whit is in episode 24. To hear Tom’s instrumental music, or to contact him about writing music for your video game, please see TomSnively.com.

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