047 Revolution Fan Podcast – Austin City Limits

S02E18-Austin-City-LimitsIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 18, Austin City Limits. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, Revolution Revealed, and talk about the next episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • They finally addressed Priscilla’s family. Jenn said we suggested the possibility that eating the apple was the nanites trying to experience things as a human.
  • Aaron and Rachel are reunited. Jenn and Shelley don’t think Rachel will suspect anything about being “tracked.”podcast-150x150
  • The Neville and Jason scene at the start of the episode.
  • Jenn thought it was very strange that it was so hard to track Team Miles, but Jason is able to show up pretty quickly with the Austin address.
  • We talk about the Patriot woman running the gun store and the “paying the rent” comment.
  • Jason knows the Patriot playbook and is able to get them in the room. It was weird having chalk to mark the grenade locations.
  • We talk about the Patriot cadet training, and whether Dillon was activated during the assassination attempt.
  • It was quick for Dillon to be accepted as a new Texas Ranger.
  • We joke about the “walnut” safe word scene. Jenn highly suspected that he was going to be killed when he left the room.
  • Jason was able to read the target’s name in Arabic
  • It was a bad plan, walking through the rally trying to look for cadets, but it was the only chance they had. It was good that Miles recognized Dillon.
  • Miles and Monroe ran at the end. Jenn and Shelley did not think they would have been able to explain the truth, even with two young people dead with tattoos in their eyelids.
  • Charlie was right to be very suspicious of Jason going off alone. The Charlie and Jason struggle reminded us of the pivotal scene from Divergent.
  • Rob made a good point that Jason was programmed, and Priscilla was also being programmed.
  • Charlie killed Jason. It was sad for Charlie to have to do that, and kill him when we wasn’t even himself. It was well acted.
  • Jenn reviewed his tragic path. In Revolution Revealed, they had almost three minutes about Jason’s journey. Tracy Spiradakos, the actress who plays Charlie talked about reading and filming the scene and how she misses JD Pardo, the actor who plays Jason.
  • Rob liked what the nanites are doing with Priscilla. Aaron is “over a barrel.” The nanites are Rob’s favorite bad guys.
  • Maureen Sebastian, the actress who plays Priscilla has had to play the regular Priscilla, Aaron’s dream Priscilla, and now nanite Priscilla.
  • We talked about Priscilla’s state. She is with her girls. Didn’t she just have one girl?
  • In this week’s Aaron’s Journal, Strangers, Aaron talks about what would he have to do to get Priscilla back. Or would she figure it out herself that it’s not real.
  • Jason’s gone. We talked about whether it was better to know in advance that someone was going to be killed.

Next week there is no episode, but when we come back, Neville is going to confront Charlie about what happened to Jason.

Shelley said they are going to air the last two episodes of Revolution at Wondercon. We talk about if this is a drive to get the show renewed.

NBC.com/Revolution is promoting “The mystery of the burning shed redux.” We will probably find out more about whom Miles killed and burned up in a shed at the beginning of season 2.

We talk a little about what they might do in the season 2 finale. They will plan something big that no one can predict, just like the way they introduced the Patriots right at the end of season 1. They talked about Governor Affleck and implied that it was Jennifer Garner. Wouldn’t it be really cool if they introduced Jennifer Garner for the end of season 2 or for season 3?

Tom has a music podcast called Making My Own Music. The new episode is an interview with Joe Gilder from Home Studio Corner. Tom’s interview with Joe is at episode 23. To hear Tom’s instrumental music, please see TomSnively.com.

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