046 Revolution Fan Podcast – Why We Fight

S02E17-Why-We-FightIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about Revolution season 2, episode 17, Why We Fight. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, Revolution Revealed, read and talk about your feedback, and talk about next week’s episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Jenn liked Monroe’s line about doing the right thing.
  • Jenn and Shelley were sad that Duncan died. So was Monroe.
  • Charlie was a good leader to “her guys.”podcast-150x150
  • It made sense for Monroe to “mop up” shooting all the Patriots, dead yet or not. He didn’t have the resources to help any of them
  • Jenn said Monroe is about to be dangerous now. He wasn’t in a position to be dangerous before.
  • Gene’s ex Mary was really in a tough spot going back and forth on what she believed. Jenn and Shelley don’t think it will be possible to convince her of the truth now.
  • Jason and Neville know about the cadets and the Patriots’ control over them. Neville will not completely control Jason if they get separated.
  • Neville was able to free his arms enough to save himself when there was a distraction (Monroe inadvertently saved the Nevilles).
  • Charlie really has a lot of mixed feelings – not thinking she’s going to live more than a year, but still fighting for survival
  • Jenn loved Charlie’s line that Rachel is the “scariest person she knows” even when knowing Monroe, Miles and Neville.
  • We talked about why Miles fights, and his line about the “stupid and selfish” thing.
  • It seemed a stretch that someone who severed two tours in Afghanistan could translate Arabic fluently.
  • We’re happy they are leaving Willoughby and heading to Austin. It could work out well if they can convince the Texas government before the Patriots get there.
  • In Revolution Revealed, Rockne S. O’Bannon said this episode is a launching pad for the final five episodes. Trey Calloway said in the next few episodes, there will be turns that no one in the audience will see coming.
  • In the preview for the next episode, we talk about “one of our favorites will get killed.” We’re pretty sure none of our top characters (Miles, Monroe, Charlie, Rachel, Aaron) are safe. It could be someone like Jason, Gene or Connor that gets killed. The last two who got “killed,” Monroe and Aaron didn’t actually die.
  • In this week’s Aaron’s Journal, he talks about the amount of walking he’s done, bicycles, horses, and shoes. Jenn talks about the Stephen King short story The Long Walk.

We read an email from Clarise in Colorado. She asked about the apple being a Garden of Eden thing and Priscilla eating from the tree of knowledge. Is the nano trying to have Aaron impregnate Priscilla? These are great ideas that we did not think of. She also asks about the similarity to V’Ger in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).

Next week there is no episode, but the following week’s episode is called “Austin City Limits” which was an unplugged music TV show.

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