045 Revolution Fan Podcast – Initial Reaction to Why We Fight

In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom and Jenn give their initial reaction to season 2, episode 17, Why We Fight. We also request your feedback before we record our full show later in the week.


In this week’s initial reaction, we talk about:

  • It started slow but Jenn really liked the second half.
  • It was disappointing that we didn’t see Aaron.
  • Miles and Gene spent the episode in the basement. It reminded Tom of R. Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet.
  • We found out where the men came from, but poor Duncan.
  • Jenn thinks Charlie is a little off the rails.
  • It’s interesting to see Willoughby from someone inside and what the Patriots are saying about them.

We’d like your feedback. Call and leave a voicemail at:

  • (234) 738-3265
  • (234) REV-FAN5

or email revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com. To be included in our podcast this week we’ll need your feedback by Saturday afternoon.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of this post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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