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S02-E16-Exposition-BoulevardIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about Revolution season 2, episode 16, Exposition Boulevard. We talk about Aaron’s Journal, read and talk about your feedback, and talk about next week’s episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • “Exposition Boulevard” is a street in Los Angeles
  • Tom liked how they picked up right at the Mexican standoff with Miles, Neville, Jason and Rachel. Doyle really messed things up by interfering. We are not going to count those deaths in Kill Count because we can’t be 100% sure they were Miles’s kills.
  • We start to feel bad for Ed Truman in this episode even though we don’t like him.
  • We talk about how Willoughby’s outskirts have a lot of habitable hideouts for Team Miles. Tom suggests that there is every place that people lived before the blackout.
  • Truman is weak-minded compared to the rest of our characters, and Neville is able to convince him to find Miles and Monroe without permission.podcast-150x150
  • In the flashbacks, Truman’s name-tape didn’t have his name but just a 5-digit number.
  • They had orders to keep the prisons operating. Did they receive any orders in six months? In the NBC Revolution Footnotes for episode 3, there was an incident report for Parris Island that talked about how many soldiers went AWOL over what time period. No one was still around at six months. However, they are not on an island with another country.
  • We clarified who was killed and that the Vice President still needed to be killed for Jack Davis to be the “legitimate” President of the United States. Was the VP on the boats with him? Is it Joe Biden (who was mentioned by Nora in 
  • Randall Flynn was the “Deputy” Secretary of Defense meaning he was second in command. Randall’s plan seems to be the one he executed that took 15 years to complete to turn on the power and drop nukes on whichever cities had power then.
  • Do we know any more whether the Patriots caused the blackout on purpose? We discuss. We also talk about how quickly it would take for 70% of Americans to die and from what.
  • We saw Mr. Allenford but we didn’t see Mrs. Justine Allenford coming off the boats.
  • President Davis was a little psycho talking freely in front of his young son, including “I will kill you and your whole family…”
  • We found out the Patriots’ plan – reeducation camp in Willoughby, then take over Texas, then the rest of the continent.
  • The sound a stick breaking gives away so many people while walking in the woods.
  • We talk about all the people who know Charlie and Connor have slept together and are telling other people.
  • We agree with Monroe that it is stupid to take the children home.
  • We talk about Kim and her Dad, and how the Patriots had a good message about protecting them and enlisting. We also talk about the eye numbers, activating them, and the difference between Kim’s and Jason’s reactions, and how to activate lots of people at once.
  • We weren’t thrilled with the #RevolutionShowdown. Jenn said it was so predictable.
  • What are you fighting for? Miles didn’t really have an answer. Can Miles “retire” again like he was in the Pilot?
  • It was kind of clear something was up with Priscilla because she never mentioned going back to find her daughter. And was she a little “too” excited about the apple? The lightning bug love fest was very strange. Shelley thinks she is possessed.
  • Aaron’s Journal, The Really Real World was very interesting in terms of trying to experience new sensations to make sure he was really awake. Revolution Revealed is here.
  • Rob liked how the girl shot her Dad and killed herself. And kudos to Monroe for not getting all touchy-feely like everyone else.

We read an email from Roger Sanderson. He says “evolution” and “Revolution” and how that relates to the nanites. The nanites are definitely evolving. It seems more and more likely that the Patriots cause the blackout.

Next week’s episode is called “Why We Fight.” Monroe gets new guys. Also, Doyle has Neville and is ready to hurt him. It doesn’t look good for Neville but he’ll probably get out of it OK.

Going back to this week, one of Duncan’s guys was staring and creepy and making judgments. We talk about mercenaries. How frequently do they get paid and for how long?

Shelley found out that Revolution’s finale will be Wednesday, May 14th so NBC has to take two weeks off. It seems there is no episode on March 26th. If they take of March 26th and April 3rd, they could be every Wednesday until the finale.

Was the order to keep the prison operating so that they would have lots of people on which to practice re-education?

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