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S02E14-DreamCatcherIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 15, Dreamcatcher. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journals, and talk about the next episode.

We start by following up on the use of “dick” as an insult on network TV. In this link, someone said Ben called someone a dick on Felicity around 2000. Last week’s Revolution episode was rated TV-14 DLV, where the L is for coarse language.

We also talked about the hexagon vs. octagon shape of the fence cages from last week. Tom tweeted screenshots of the prison cage and fighting cage. They don’t look like octagons. But Tom likes how Hexagonbot retweets any mention of the word “hexagon” on Twitter.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • We all really liked the episode. Jenn really liked Aaron. Jenn is not a fan of alternate realities on TV and is happy this seems to be a one-off episode.
  • podcast-150x150On NBC.com/Revolution, they had the full segment of Rachel on All In with Chris Hayes, an MSNBC show.
  • We like the Bud Light product placement. We talked about making alcohol without electricity, and a little about Tom’s good experience with Zima.
  • How much time went by with Aaron and Priscilla unconscious? Did he experience all the days, like the drive to Chicago or the walk from Lubbock to Willoughby?
  • On NBC.com/Revolution, they had the Tom Neville insurance commercial including a phone number (612) 353-8113. We called the number to hear Tom Neville’s recorded message.
  • We liked the motel scene: Monroe liking the Civil War, the “Be It!” with the snapping, and “Stay Puft.”
  • We talk more about alternate time line plot devices and Jenn’s disappointment in Fringe. This episode did move along the plot – the nanites were dying and needed Aaron’s new code. Just turning off the computer prevents the virus going in, but they needed to do this to get the corrected code. We also talked about memory leaks.
  • Jenn liked Aaron’s use of Charlie as the wake-up call. Jenn also like the juxtaposition of the intense scene with Charlie (cross-bow to death sequence) right to Rachel on the cell phone talking about picking Charlie up from ballet practice. Tracy Spiradakos talked about her scene in this week’s Revolution Revealed.
  • Jenn also liked the scene of recruiting Rachel (“crazy, scary, brilliant person”).
  • We were happy that Aaron jumping off the building was not the conclusion of the episode. We then talk about if we could jump off a building if needed like this.
  • Aaron jumps off, but is now held by Dr. Horn. He does his Matrix “there is no spoon” moment to free himself from that and wakes up. Tom suspected he might still be inside the dream state but Rob and Jenn were fooled.
  • Aaron and Priscilla walk from Lubbock to Willoughby, the nanites are dying and the power is kind of coming back. Aaron gives the nanites the code to save Rachel and others around the world getting struck by lightning.
  • In Revolution Revealed, Paul Grellong talked about how the nanites are evolving, from Aaron’s resurrection to the fire-starting to this episode, and that they are not done with Aaron yet. Rob brings up that the nanites are now the power that the “revolution” is against now. We went from the Monroe Republic to the Patriots but the nanites are the big bad.
  • If Aaron had handled his initial communication with the nanites better, would things be better? Aaron’s long-term guilt is approaching Rachel’s. He wrote the Tower and nanite code, he turned the power on so Randall could nuke two cities, and he wrote the corrected nanite code.
  • Tom went back to review Aaron’s scenes with nano-Kevin in episode 9, Everyone Says I Love You. Nano-Kevin’s line was “we know your thinks.”
  • Peter was giddy about the new nano-God. How long will they continue to help Peter heal people?
  • We talked more about the Pittman Digital scene where the two employees needed the boss to write a small amount of code.
  • In Revolution Revealed, Zak Orth, the actor who plays Aaron thought the writing was great and he was overwhelmed that it was his character. We loved Zak Orth’s acting in this episode. He played everything excellently.
  • Is Priscilla going to stay with Aaron now? Or is going to go back to find her family?
  • Tom thought it was funny that Aaron had to walk from Lubbock to Willoughby in real life after he did the same walk in his dream. Also, will Aaron ever be sure he’s still not in a nanite dream?
  • In this week’s Aaron’s Journal, Everything is Awesome was written in Minneapolis 2014 before he knew it was a nanite dream.

In terms of Kill Count, do we count Charlie, Miles and Monroe’s kills? They all took place in Aaron’s head. Tom may count them up but asterisk them.

We talked about how we resume next week after seeing next week’s preview. We’ll have a lot of face-offs: Miles and Neville, Jason and Connor, Jason and Charlie, Neville and Monroe. They might pick up right from the standoff from last week.

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