042 Revolution Fan Podcast – Fear and Loathing

S02E14-Fear-and-LoathingIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about Revolution season 2, episode 14, Fear and Loathing. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journals, and talk about the next episode.

Tom and Shelley appeared on episode 48 of Revolution Diaries during the Olympic Break.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • The episode title, Fear and Loathing is named from the book Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, especially how half of this episode takes place in New Vegas.
  • Shelley liked that the cage was an octagon. Tom thought it was only a hexagon.podcast-150x150
  • Jenn says Monroe’s self-sacrifice was really for Monroe’s own benefit. “Make the Monroe Republic matter.”
  • We liked the Charlie / Duncan dynamic. Duncan is not a nice person but it was cool that she gave five mercenaries to Charlie.
  • We have a quick aside about diamonds again, and how the key to Charlie’s 8-foot chain was too close…
  • Miles would know about Monroe’s blind spot.
  • The Timberlake vs. Fatone and Baldwin brothers lines were funny.
  • We talked about the use of “dick” on NBC at 8 PM. Tom found this link that where someone said Ben called someone a dick on Felicity around the year 2000. It is also rated “TV 14 DLV” which helps. We aside to sexual situations versus violence in fiction.
  • In this week’s Revolution Revealed, Giancarlo Esposito liked how when confronted he did tell the truth about Julia being alive and held by the Patriots.
  • There were extra Aaron’s Journals during the Olympic Break. There was Bucket List where he talks about accomplishing 74 of the 100 things he wanted to do in four short years. He also makes a new list for current times. There was also Locked In talking about watching TV and hurting Priscilla.
  • This week’s Aarons Journal is called Save Us where Aaron did have the plan to give a virus to the nanites. Don’t they “hear his thinks”? He should not be able to keep any secrets from them like this.
  • We are going to suspend disbelief regarding Aaron’s programming, no compiling, debugging or testing, and how it damages the nanites more and more as he is typing.
  • When they can tell he is trying to damage them, why don’t the nanites just turn off the computer instead of blowing up the lights?
  • Aaron wakes up at 6:30 AM on March 5th, 2014. Is the skyline Milwaukee?

In terms of Kill Count, Charlie killed 2. All the consecutive kill streaks are over; Neville had a long streak of episodes of killing at least one person.

The next three episode titles are: Dreamcatcher March 5, 2014, Exposition Boulevard March 12, 2014, Why We Fight March 19, 2014.

“Dreamcatcher” is a Stephen King book title. This seems like a “flash-sideways” or an alternate reality. We talk about how they will take this plot line. Will they continue it? We’re really looking forward to next week’s episode. Dr. Horn, Nora, and perhaps other “undead” characters will return.

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