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S02E13-Happy-EndingsIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 13, Happy Endings. We talk about Revolution Revealed and Aaron’s Journal, read and talk about your feedback, and talk about the next episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Tom loved the way the show started, resolving three issues that seemed hard to fix. They fixed them in an instant.
  • In recent shows we mentioned a couple of subjects that came up. Last week we talked about not having seen any religion in the show. Two weeks ago Rob and I talked about having a heist like in Ocean’s 11. We got both this week.
  • Neville was pretty smart to negotiate with the President to get Jason out of prisonpodcast-150x150
  • We liked Miles and Monroe’s “date night.” We talked a little bit about drive-ins.
  • Is Neville really going to try to kill Monroe? We think yes, but Jenn thinks Neville’s plan will become known, and the Neville’s will join team Miles.
  • Jenn and Shelley are OK with Miles and Rachel being together. They still weren’t really sure that this was their first time together in 20 years.
  • Jenn thought Duncan was going to turn out to be a woman.
  • We talked about Connor’s unsuccessful flirting with Charlie. Charlie’s reactions were really funny.
  • We talk about Charlie and Connor hooking up. We also really liked Monroe’s reaction. Rob didn’t believe Monroe’s reaction.
  • We disagree again about the “he killed Danny” topic again. He didn’t do it personally but he was responsible.
  • In this week’s Revolution Revealed, David Lyons (the actor who plays Monroe), when talking about how the Connor Charlie hookup was wrong, says, “That’s Miles dau…, that’s Charlie…” Tom really thinks this is a slip-up where David Lyons know backstory that Miles is Charlie’s father.
  • This leads to a discussion about soap operas / melodrama. Rob would like the show better if they don’t have the melodramatic stuff, but Shelley thinks it will lose viewers. Jenn relates it to the Walt Whitman poem scene from Good Will Hunting.
  • Peter is a healer in Lubbock, Texas. Jenn talks about cognitive dissonance–Peter has such a strong belief that it is impossible to see and incorporate evidence contrary to his beliefs.
  • Tom disagrees with the others on whether Peter believes Aaron about nanotechnology.
  • We review Aaron’s recent story. What was Grace’s point of being there and then leaving? Were the nanites talking to Peter? Jenn thinks Peter might incorporate God into the nanites and his faith, as in “God is controlling the nanites and I am their conduit.” Jenn and Rob think it would be great if they move that way.
  • Aaron’s Journal this week is called Peter. Aaron talks about the different acts of his life, and how this “fourth act” is bringing Priscilla back to him. He doesn’t want to be around for Peter’s last act when the nanites turn on him.
  • Jenn thinks the Aaron story is like a completely different show than all the other sub-plots. But she also thinks Aaron is going to have to bring in the nanites to defeat the Patriots. This reminds Rob of the Greatest American Hero.
  • We liked the heist. It made us think of Ocean’s Eleven and Leverage.
  • Jenn is wondering what will happen when Connor and Jason realize that each other like Charlie. Or bring back Adam the bounty hunter. It could be like The Dating Game.
  • We weren’t really happy about the title, Happy Endings. It just didn’t seem to fit. No one ended in a happy or ironic place.
  • For Kill Count, Miles killed 1, which ties our record low regular kills.

We read an email from Robert Kearney. He mentioned Steven Tyler and Bret Michaels.

We read an email from Debbie Pyle. She talked about the antidotes that Rachel left for the Patriots. She mentioned something from the preview from the next episode where the nanites say they are dying.

The next episode, Fear and Loathing will air on February 26th. Monroe is forced to fight Connor. Jenn thinks Charlie and Duncan will help rescue Monroe and Connor.

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