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S02E11-Mis-Dos-PadresIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 11, Mis Dos Padres. We talk about Revolution Revealed, play, read and talk about your feedback. and talk about next week’s episode.

Tom listened to an episode of the podcast TV Write Now with interviews with writer/producers David Rambo and Paul Grellong. Stephen King is a Revolution fan.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  •  On the Aaron / nanite story, we had the correct Daddy but we got the Mommy wrong.podcast-150x150
  •  How is this different from God? How about Arthur C. Clarke’s quote “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
  • Did they kill Cynthia and have Priscilla’s husband leave her so that Aaron and Priscilla could get back together? Tom doesn’t think so, but Jenn and Shelley do. 
  • It’s odd that Grace is living in Spring City, OK by herself. What is she eating? We are split on whether the nanites are also talking to her. And will we see Peter soon?
  • We wondered about the pendants again. Do they still work? Tom asked David Rambo on Twitter about the power but he didn’t answer.
  • Mat Vairo really looks like David LyonsJoaquim de Almeida was in 12 episodes of season 3 of the show 24.
  • Since we’re pretty sure Miles is Charlie’s father, we speculated if Monroe knew that. He really did have a number of opportunities to tell Charlie and didn’t.
  • Monroe did act selflessly, but he is still selfish.
  • Monroe read Nunez correctly, because he is very similar in terms to the way he treats underlings.
  • How Rachel has acted in the last couple of episodes
  • Gene, Charlie and the quarantine camp. Shelley called this last episode with the Patriots poisoning the people in the oranges.
  • Jenn and Shelley talking about whether the patriots are culling. If the soldiers don’t get sick, won’t the people figure this out?
  • We talked about whether we should consider not watching the previews for the following episode. They’ve been giving away a lot of the story.
  • Jason doesn’t seem to have the cunning and skill as either Neville or Julia. They talked about Jason a lot in this week’s Revolution Revealed.
  • We talked about the power dynamic between Julia and Neville. Before the blackout, Neville was a meek insurance adjuster, and probably changed when he killed his neighbor for breaking into their house shortly after the blackout.
  • Shelley recognizes that Neville was probably bullied when young, and now he is the bully. Shelley and Jenn talked about bullying and school shootings. Shelley recommends people look anti-bullying websites from the US and Canada, or check out the documentary Bully.
  • Rob likes the science fiction story of the nanites gaining consciousness.
  • Rob thinks Grace can get the nanites to get woodland animals to farm for her.
  • Tom and Rob discussed typhus and typhoid in Scientific Revolution. Tom found this blog entry called “When Typhus, Cholera and Typhoid Hit Your Neighborhood Blame The Government” and they are not even talking about NBC Revolution.
  • We still don’t really know what Julia and Neville’s plan is.
  • Rob thinks the nanites are going to be the top plot point for the rest of this season. It would be cool if more people (or everyone) started seeing visions brought on by the nanites.

We played a voicemail from Tremond about Dr. Horn, and how he was not revealing his real motive in trying to understand the nanites. Jenn wonders how much Dr. Horn told Truman and the other Patriots about the nanites.

We read an email from Clarice in Colorado about the Texas Ranger’s comment that the Texans have 70% of their troops at their southern border. That’s strange since we’ve seen some of that border now.

We read and commented on an email from Irmhild about the relationship between Miles and Monroe. She also agrees with us that we don’t want Monroe and Charlie to get together. Jenn threw out Charlie and Connor as a possible couple.

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One Response to 039 Revolution Fan Podcast – Mis Dos Padres

  1. Diane says:

    I read your breakdowns of each podcast and I noticed in the most recent that you guys discussed how you don’t want a Charlie and Monroe pairing. I also noticed in a lot of your previous breakdowns of the podcasts that there were a lot of Charlie and Monroe scenes that you didn’t mention. I figure everyone has their opinions on whether these two should be shipped, and obviously if I am writing this, I am one of those “shippers” (God, I hate that word, lol), but I would say you should talk about the possibility of it more, or have someone be on that side of wanting it to happen on your podcast. It would open up so more people to your podcast because, let’s be honest, there are a boat-load(pun-intended) people out there who do want the pairing to happen. All you have to do is google their names together and a ridiculous amount of items come up. Just some thoughts for you! I came upon this website after looking for some spoilers, not that I found any…..and of course hoping they would be about Charlie and Monroe.
    I also think it will be fun to see how they bring all the groups back together. Can’t stand Neville, think Julia is playing him. Wonder if Jason will be put back to the re-programming camp, maybe that is where Monroe’s son will end up……Either way, I am hoping they keep going through the plot as fast as they have been lately because I’m am a little concerned Revo won’t be renewed:(
    On a side note-I am pretty darn sure this is the longest comment I have ever left. I am sure you got tired of reading it about 5 minutes ago!

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