038 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Three Amigos

S02E10-The-Three-AmigosIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about Revolution season 2, episode 10, The Three Amigos. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and talk about next week’s episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • How we have four separate groups now with four different stories to follow
  • Jenn is really annoyed with Aaron lately as we is not acting grown up. Hasn’t he learned his lesson about leaving everyone at night with just a note
  • We reviewed the last time we saw Grace to clear things up for people who were confused on Twitter
  • The NBC Revolution website had two interim Aaron’s Journal episodes during the break. The first was called Cynthia, and the second called Fireflies
  • This week’s Aaron’s Journal, Dying in Willoughby was about how he thought his remains would end up near Willoughby, but now he’ll have to find another final resting place.
  • The third orange wagon being a day behind was very convenient for Jenn and Shelley.podcast-150x150
  • Gene’s coming to grips with what Charlie has turned into, killer-wise
  • We speculated what and why the Patriots are injecting stuff into the oranges. Is this another drug they can miraculously heal?
  • We read Rob’s comment about Neville, how this is the most fun story to watch
  • We talked about the interplay of Neville and Julia, and tried to figure out exactly what she wants
  • We speculated what was in Allenford’s file that Jason was able to read. Jenn had some good ideas. What was in Allenford’s case?
  • They healed Miles in just 2 or 3 screen minutes, using a butter knife and maggots. But we needed Miles to be conscious as soon as possible.
  • Jenn thinks Miles didn’t expect to find Connor, but Tom and Shelley did. No one expected the town to be as it was
  • Jenn felt the Mexico border irony was a little too thick
  • On this week’s Revolution Revealed, we talked about Monroe as comic relief.
  • We talked about Connor’s town, how Connor turned out, and the meeting scene, and the great casting
  • Monroe’s message was a little strange: You need to be in charge of more hoodlums
  • Jenn and Shelley speculate on what will happen when Monroe comes back to the US. Will Connor come?
  • In this week’s Kill Count, Charlie killed 4 and Neville killed 1. Shelley pointed out Charlie’s line from our Kill Count bumper that came from Season 1, Episode 2: “So, you’re just going to kill him in cold blood?” Charlie has come a long way.
  • We wonder about Nunez from the Nunez Cartel that has Monroe now.
  • The casting was really great again in finding an actor that looks like a young David Lyons. He also looks like John Mayer.

Next week’s episode is called Mis Dos Padres (my two fathers). It seems like Connor will have to struggle between Nunez as a father figure with his birth father that he is just meeting.

The following week’s episode is called Captain Trips, which excited Jenn and Shelley for another Stephen King reference. They think the stuff injected into the oranges is a super-flu like in The Stand. The last week of January’s episode is called Happy Endings, and that should take us to the Olympic break.

For Questions and Answers, we have questions on what was in the file that Jason read, and what are they putting in the oranges.  We have a long-awaited answer about Emma’s son from Season 1, Episode 15. We finished up talking about the largest balls of twine.

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