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S02E09-Everyone-Says-I-Love-YouIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about the Revolution mid-season finale, season 2, episode 9, Everyone Says I Love You. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and read and talk about your feedback.

We started by reading a couple of feedback emails from Juan Soros. He throws out a narrative that Roger Allenford can use that makes him look better after he killed Justine but also uses Neville. It works, but it turns out they skipped over this whole point in the new episode. Juan also sent in another email seconding Jenn’s nanite “Aaron Daddy” theory.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Jenn’s Aaron Daddy theory seems to be correct, as Kevin even said that.podcast-150x150
  • Jenn thinks it is interesting it chose a 3rd grader to represent itself because it is like a child and it is growing. Jenn thinks Kevin was like Lore from Star Trek: TNG
  • In the scene where Kevin says, “They’re here” Jenn was reminded of Poltergeist. The Haley Joel reference reminded Jenn and Shelley of A.I. and The Sixth Sense.
  • We talk a little about all the new things the nanites did in this episode like creating the fog and having Aaron pick up Cynthia, escape, and make it all the way to the high school without consciously realizing it.
  • A lot of folks
  • We talked about who said “I love you” in this episode. Miles said “I don’t love you”
  • Jenn thought it was weird that Neville and Julia hopped in the sack immediately and then only asked about Jason after.
  • It’s also interesting that Neville immediately is in with the plan where Julia is married to her Patriot husband.
  • Neville’s whole mission seems to be changed now. He doesn’t need to bring down the Patriots anymore for revenge; he can focus on getting as much power as possible. It was also be weird if Team Miles goes against Patriot high command and Neville is there.
  • We bring up the possibility that Julia has been a Patriot for a long time. Do we believe her story? Tom does but Jenn and Shelley now think she has been a Patriot since the Monroe Republic time.
  • It’s very strange that Kevin mentions the city in Oklahoma twice with the second largest ball of twine. Is this a shout-out to National Lampoon’s Vacation?
  • Aaron definitely didn’t handle the relationship with Kevin best when he asks Kevin to go away. Jenn and Shelley thinks he should have tried to explain about thoughts, emotions and be able to use Kevin.
  • “Kill him” was OK but “Kill them all” was a bit much. Tom completely understands everything Aaron did up through “Kill him” but then would go straight to “could you please heal her?”
  • We think Kevin will come back. Tom thinks Kevin might still heal Cynthia, but Shelley thinks she is gone for good.
  • The Miles / Rachel flashback happening six years before the blackout really opens up the door that Miles is Charlie’s father. Charlie was five at the time of the blackout. Also, Charlie has traits of Rachel and of Miles and not of Ben.
  • We think Miles is definitely Charlie’s father. We don’t know if Miles knows. We’re not even sure if Rachel knows.
  • “We’ve got to stop doing this” definitely changes from when Rachel said they had an “ugly fling” when they were kids in episode 11.
  • Tom thinks Kevin will heal Kevin, but Jenn and Shelley think Monroe will lead the team to get Gene to save him
  • “Kill them all” must not have extended to Willoughby because we didn’t see Truman die.
  • We like the “I’m Batman” line. On #PowerHalfHour it was revealed that Eric Kripke wrote that line.
  • In Revolution Revealed this week, they point out how Miles realizes that Aaron is important. We had thought that the critical point was at the Tower when Aaron’s terminal freaked out, and not when Aaron turned the power back on. Aaron failed a test. Was it because he chose death over life.
  • We talked about some of Rob’s notes about the episode. He liked the way Elizabeth Mitchell played it when she said “We may die tomorrow.” He also thought the first half made it seem like it might play out like a ghost story. He liked it when Neville mentioned “skeletons in the closet.”
  • Aaron’s Journal this week is a guest entry from Dr. Horn called A Small-Minded Man. Aaron left his journal when he fled Willoughby. Dr. Horn read it and then wrote the entry.
  • In terms of Kill Count, Jenn and Shelley made a ruling that Aaron gets credit for these kills but not for the ones before. The previous ones were Kevin’s kills.

Revolution will return on Wednesday, January 8th, so we have seven weeks until our next episode. There will be at least two weeks of a break for the Olympics.

We mentioned a tweet from Michelle Roberts about Rachel getting the dog whistle from the Patriot guy that Miles torturing last week.

We read an email from Yassmina from Sacramento about the man Julia chose to marry and her ulterior motives,

We read an email from Rob Kearney. He said the characters line up with a Dungeons and Dragons story. He also asks why Team Miles didn’t just kill all the Patriots when they were passed out.

We got a lot of Answers this week. Tom will update the Questions and Answers page over the break.

We talked a little more about Kevin and him coming back, and more about Aaron’s mistakes with regard to Kevin.

The next episode is called Three Amigos. We speculate to whom that refers. We think Monroe, Rachel and Charlie. But it could be a bunch of other options. Tom and Shelley think Aaron will make his way to Oklahoma.

If you need another podcast to listen to during the break, check out Tom’s music podcast Making My Own Music about composing, arranging and recording original music.

You can play the podcast using the play button at the top of this post, or right-click on the “Download” link to save it to your computer.

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