036 Revolution Fan Podcast – Come Blow Your Horn

S02E08-Come-Blow-Your-HornIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Rob talk about Revolution season 2, episode 8, Cone Blow Your Horn. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and talk a little bit about next week’s episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • There wasn’t any real payoff to the gas bomb, as it was never dropped
  • Jenn liked the scene with Rachel “cooking” with Charlie
  • Did they hold on to the dog whistle in their “inventory” from The Plague Dogs in season 1? Is their inventory like a video game?
  • We aside into the history of toilet paper
  • podcast-150x150It seems like it was a good setup episode for something bigger next week
  • Jenn was amused by the scene where team Miles captured Gene
  • We talked about which episodes so far this season we liked the best
  • Rob hoped for some action, and not just dialogue regarding Charlie and Rachel’s different feelings regarding Gene
  • Gene explained the cholera, vaccine, and how he got where he was. “You’ve never done a bad thing for a good reason?” was a great question to ask Rachel and Miles
  • Tom and Jenn were disappointed that Aaron did not explain to Cynthia that he did not know he killed Carl. He also didn’t kill him so that he could get together with her.
  • Jenn urges all men to communicate better with their partners. Tom wonders why Cynthia didn’t just read Aaron’s journal. 🙂
  • This week’s Aaron’s Journal is called A Monster Among Us.
  • Monroe killed five people, but then took off when he realized he couldn’t get all the others and they would kill him
  • Jenn was disappointed by Horn’s backstory, and that it was predictable. That and the brain tumor make him less of a “great” villain
  • In the very beginning when Miles was torturing the Patriot for intel, Rob thinks Rachel was like a frontier wife
  • We talked about the deleted scene where Miles and Rachel kiss. The fans demanded it, so they released the cut scene. Since they cut it, we decide it is not canon
  • The Neville scenes were in Glendon, NC. From Savanah, GA it is about 300 miles and 96 hours of walking
  • Jenn is puzzled by Neville’s plan. It was clear that Roger was going to shoot Justine, so Jenn thinks Neville has no influence anymore. Turning her in would probably have been better.
  • The Patriot’s plan of taking the continent city by city really is not a great plan
  • We went back to think about Randall and why it took 15 years to get the power back on and launch the nuclear bombs. We reviewed Randall’s plan for Grace from episode 8, Ties That Bind which was just to get the elevator working.
  • Jenn thinks Miles should have gotten some antibiotics from Gene for his wounded hand
  • For Kill Count, Monroe kills five. Monroe is still on a good consecutive episode killing streak. Miles, Charlie and Rachel are on a killing slump having not killed for a good number of episodes.
  • Since they stab Cynthia is the liver, they just have the one shot to use Cynthia for Horn’s testing. They could have hurt her instead of trying to kill her
  • It’s cool that the fire is “borrowed” from the wall-torch instead of generating new fire

We talked about the preview for next week’s episode, Everyone Says I Love You. The words on the screen said: “Next week / the mystery / behind the power / will be revealed.” On Revolution Revealed executive producer Rockne S. O’Banion says next week the “nano reveals itself to us.” Is there some artificial intelligence now?

We talked about the scheduling. Next week is a mid-season finale and there will be a break. Paul Grellong confirmed on Twitter that they are coming back in early January and that they still have 22 episodes this season.

Tom is considering creating a page that documents a timeline of all the flashbacks so we can keep stuff straight.

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