035 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Patriot Act

S01E07-The-Patriot-ActIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 7, The Patriot Act. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and talk a little bit about next week’s episode.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • How a lot of stuff was telegraphed to us: That Monroe was alive, that Gene was a Patriot, and Aaron was going to set people on fire.
  • We liked Gene’s flashbacks, and we can see why he made his decisions and got backed into the corner he’s in. The Patriots came in at Gene’s lowest point after Gene’s wife died of cholera.
  • Dr. Horn has a creepy crush on Rachelpodcast-150x150
  • Shelley liked how Dr. Horn, Gene and so on are talking openly about the nanites
  • On Revolution Revealed, they talked a lot about how the characters have a bad choice and a worse one. They also talked about the pitch meeting when someone proposed Gene was a Patriot, and how they felt led them to definitely moving that way.
  • In Aaron’s Journal this week, Aaron wrote that he saw the triangle/circle image in his nightmares.
  • We were right about Rachel’s motivation for saving Monroe – Miles and Charlie convinced her he was necessary and helpful
  • Finding out Gene was a Patriot hit Rachel really hard. Jenn says it’s like another death – another large loss in her life
  • Cynthia’s reaction was interesting. Will she draw the parallel that Aaron was responsible for her husband’s death? Instead of miracles, will she think he is the devil now?
  • Neville knocking out and handcuffing Allenford was an interesting plot twist
  • We can’t be 100% sure that Jason can be trusted
  • We like the Miles and Monroe interaction. It’s good as we didn’t get that much last season
  • We talk about Dr. Horn as a “big bad,” and the relation to the other bad characters – Monroe, Randall and Neville

In next week’s episode, Rachel creates a poisonous gas mixture to attempt to kill Dr. Horn and other Patriots. Gene may have to be killed as well. Jenn thinks Gene will die but Dr. Horn will escape. Jenn also thinks we are leaving Willoughby very soon.

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