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S02E06-Dead-Man-WalkingIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 6, Dead Man Walking. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and we read and talk about your feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Last week’s “spoiler” of a “major, major death” which Jenn says is a lie
  • What were the three bombshells? On Revolution Revealed this week, they called Miles’ secret a bombshell and Gene’s betrayal as a bombshell. The other one was either Monroe’s backstory of the wife/child dying or Rachel’s digging.
  • Jenn and Shelley are sure Monroe is not dead. On Revolution Revealed, they say “We don’t know why she’s digging. Whatever reasons we think, there are a lot of surprises in store.” It seems it has to be more than just Monroe’s not deadpodcast-150x150
  • Jenn thinks Gene was fooled by Monroe’s pulse and actually thought he was dead: he’s definitely a Patriot. Shelley is not convinced.
  • Jenn made a great point about Rachel’s tipping off the Patriots about the potential jailbreak: She did to protect Charlie and Miles from danger if they got caught. Putting that together with injecting Monroe with something else and digging him up is a full plan to keep everyone safe and still have Monroe for your side.
  • We disagree a little on whether Gene told the Patriots about the Ranger Fry death and frame-up. Jenn says arresting, sentencing and executing Monroe is enough for them to stand together, where Texas and the Patriots can put their name on it
  • Monroe’s flashbacks were sad and helped explain how he got pushed over the edge a little bit
  • We reviewed the Miles / Monroe blackout history. Miles kills the first people six weeks after the blackout to protect others. This happens three years after the blackout. Five years after is the Trenton Campaign where they are up against other militias. Seven years after was when Rachel turned herself in. Eleven years after was when Miles tried to kill Monroe and left.
  • We talked about Miles’ secret that he knew about Monroe and Emma’s son. We wonder when Miles found out Emma told him, but we think it was later in the timeline
  • Debbie Pyle made a great call in her prediction that Gene was a Patriot. Jenn agrees it is an interesting twist but she is not happy about it.
  • Tom appreciates the shots of the nighttime sky with lots of stars. After a worldwide blackout we would go back to being able to see a clear sky without light pollution.
  • We talk about how Aaron saw the circle / triangle logo that turned out to be on Dr. Horn’s wagon. Did he have a vision of it?
  • We talk about Bonnie Webster, from General Carver’s press corps in Austin. We’d like to see her again
  • The treaty between Texas and the Patriots is strange. What’s up with Texas?
  • Jason is a deadly killer, due in part to the pharmaceuticals. This technique is common in science fiction/fantasy. We talk about the comfort we feel when drama follows “predicable” patterns that we recognize.
  • Allenford said her son went through the same training program. Her husband is also high up with the Patriots.
  • Tom realizes that we haven’t really learned that much yet about the Patriots with regard to Cuba, Washington D.C. and what they are all about.
  • Jason telling Neville about Julia’s affair was a “wow” moment. We talk about Jason’s motivation and the writers’ motivation. Does this lead the way more for Neville to try to get together with Allenford.
  • Gene’s threat about Dr. Horn is also strange. In Revolution Revealed, they say Dr. Horn is the most dangerous Patriot.

Aaron’s Journal this week talks about his memories of the Monroe Republic, when he first heard them, first paid taxes, first heard about the stories, and what happened when they didn’t pay their taxes.

We talked about the preview for next week, The Patriot Act. Dr. Horn is interested in Aaron, and it looks like Aaron has to use his fire power to save himself.

It looks like we have three more Wednesday episodes leading up to the week of Thanksgiving. We don’t think there’ll be an episode on the day before Thanksgiving.

We read an email from Debbie Pyle. She had good points about all the aspects of the episode. She asks whether Monroe passed anything to Miles when they shook hands. Shelley agrees with this.

Neville and Monroe had kills this week. Miles, Charlie and Rachel were calm in the town, making it a low Kill Count episode.

We speculated some about Dr. Horn. We launched into a discussion of Randall and the Patriots communication. Tom thinks Randall was able to talk with the Patriots and tell them a lot about the nanites, Rachel and Aaron and their expedition. Jenn thinks it might have been ham radio.

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