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S02E05-One-Riot-One-RangerIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 5, One Riot, One Ranger. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and we listen to, read, and talk about your feedback.

We started with an email from Debbie Pyle. She brought up good points and theories. She wonders if Gene (Rachel’s Dad) could be an underground Patriot. Shelley and Jenn talk about the writers’ head canon.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Aaron’s flashbacks of his teaching interview, Cynthia’s husband Carl, and having his Firestarter powers five months ago. The fireflies were connected to him much longer than we thought.
  • Rob says the nanites are like Monroe in terms of flying off the handle with sharp emotions
  • podcast-150x150Tom and Shelley think Aaron got his powers at the moment when his computer shut down at the Tower. Jenn relates fire to the nuclear bombs dropping and having people be vaporized and burned.
  • Shelley talks about how Carl is a bully just like the ones that beat up on Aaron in school
  • Jenn says Aaron is on the verge of losing control. He attempted to leave just like he did from Priscilla
  • Even if Aaron leaves, he still may have visions of Team Miles and may still be able to set people on fire remotely
  • Jenn brings up Firestarter. Aaron mentions this in his Journal Entry this week. He also talks about six superpowers he would rather have.
  • We talk about a deleted scene with guest start Zeljko Ivanek.
  • We talked about Jim Beaver who played Texas Ranger John Fry. We played a clip from this week’s Revolution Revealed where he mentions that in Eric Kripke’s works he might be able to come back.
  • The scenes with Neville and Secretary Allenford. Jenn wondered and wonders if Neville will try to seduce her to get farther in his plans.
  • The Patriots’ recruiting is just like the Monroe Republic’s. Jenn says that people have done this to flesh out their armies for a long time
  • Neville has two goals now: taking down the Patriots, and rescuing Jason. If he had to have a choice, Jenn and Shelley think he would sacrifice Jason, although they don’t think it will come down to that
  • Neville’s wife Julia, as a strong woman, is like Secretary Allenford
  • We talked about Charlie and Miles’ bonding over the last year and a half
  • The Miles and Monroe reunion, and returning to the “pit of evil death.” In 11 years of building the Monroe Republic they built a lot of shorthand (“You’re just naming cities!”)
  • Jenn thinks the Rachel and Monroe reunion was fun, but Rachel didn’t even give Charlie a moment to explain why she brought him.
  • Monroe doesn’t see the difference between his solution for “Patriot proof” and finding another way. Whenever we start to feel for Monroe, we need to remember that this is his essence.
  • We talked about Texas’ south border. Is there a problem with people coming from Mexico?

We talked about the preview for next week where Monroe is arrested and sentenced. In Revolution Revealed, David Rambo mentions incredible reunions next week. We guess than we probably have a Neville/Jason reunion, but think we might see Julia, Monroe’s son, Priscilla, Grace, or Nora’s sister.

We played a voicemail from Todd in North Carolina. Jenn thinks Miles was the comic relief this episode. Todd also suggested “the singularity” as the cause of the blackout.

We read an email from Debbie Pyle. She suggested that Cynthia may also be an underground Patriot. We talked again about Texas’ southern border, and what is the Patriots’ goal with regards to Texas.

Tom mentioned his songs and his Making My Own Music podcast.

We’d like your feedback. Call and leave a voicemail at:

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One Response to 033 Revolution Fan Podcast – One Riot, One Ranger

  1. Debbie Pyle says:

    Just wanted to leave a comment about the potential hiatus for the Revolution crew. Can’t find the link right now but read where Kripke and Rambo stated the show would air episodes 1 through 9 and then break, returning sometime possibly in January (maybe early) to resume with episode 10. Then there will be the issue of the Olympics for a couple weeks, which is possible why they opted not to do the lengthy break this season, not sure. But they also said they were contracted for 22 episodes for season 2.

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