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S02E04-Patriot-GamesIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 4, Patriot Games. We talk about Revolution Revealed, Aaron’s Journal, and introduce Kill Count Stats. We listen to and talk about your feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talk about:

  • Our overall satisfaction of the episode
  • Aaron’s visions and his new “powers” with the fireflies. Does he have control of them? Despite what Aaron mentioned last week, he is like Harry Potter.
  • Aaron burning up these two Patriots were like when Dr. Warren cooked in episode 14 last season.
  • How does Aaron’s two incidents this week relate to his vision of Ben last week? When did he get his powers?podcast-150x150
  • Jenn proposed the “Nanite Daddy” theory of why they chose Aaron.
  • Rachel was very right. She seems less crazy, although she was not very cautious.
  • Jenn and Rob think Ken deliberately got Rachel to talk to find out what she knew and to help the Patriots.
  • It’s odd that the Patriots have not taken Rachel into custody, even though they have all the Wanted posters, and she broke into Ed Truman’s office.
  • Rob and Jenn would have loved to see a scene showing Ken getting recruited by the Patriots seven years ago. Shelley thinks they may have targeted Ken specifically because of her relationship with Rachel
  • The Patriots’ strategy of keeping all of Titus’ family at the Willoughby Trainyards and killing a couple every day as well as anyone who goes outside the gate to continue to show the townspeople that it is dangerous outside the walls
  • The Patriots have really good soulless plans
  • Rachel and how she was able to save herself at a point that no one else was able to save her
  • Charlie and how she held her own against the guys at the bar. Jenn mentioned a tweet about how they the writers write helpless women, and how Rachel’s kick-ass escape was good.
  • Rob talked about Juliet in Lost, also played by Elizabeth Mitchell was really good at diffusing situations by talking. Jenn posited that Jessica (Titus’ wife) showed strength by killing herself
  • Miles’ scene with Titus. He survived last week and Jenn thought it was strange that he  was one that escaped the Patriots
  • Taking a historic look at the Rachel and Miles relationship
  • Rob and Jenn appreciate a couple of well done writing/editing times: When Charlie passed out, and then Rachel comes to, and the murder montage when Neville and Rachel were both cleaning up their murders alternately.
  • The use of diamonds as a currency. No one looks at the diamonds with a loupe in this show
  • Neville’s opportunity to promote himself.
  • The uneasy alliances we already have with Charlie and Monroe, and the upcoming alliances with Rachel and Monroe
  • Tom and Shelley think the Patriots may have originally caused the blackout to rebuild the United States in a different way
  • We talked about this week’s Revolution Revealed and Aaron’s Journal

Next week’s episode is called One Riot, One Ranger, which was the pilot of Walter, Texas Ranger and a TV trope based on an alleged conversation from the 1930s. The following episode is Dead Man Walking and the next episode is The Patriot Act.

Tom introduced some Kill Count stats about the frequency of killing/episode and consecutive episode killing streak.

We played a voicemail from Todd in North Carolina. We talked about comedy, or at least funny lines and moments, and about ratings.

We talked about the preview for next week, mostly about Aaron debriefing with Miles and Rachel. We also talked about the upcoming reunion with Charlie and Monroe.

We’d like your feedback. Call and leave a voicemail at:

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  • (234) REV-FAN5

or email revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com. To be included in our podcast we’ll generally need your feedback by Thursday afternoon.

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