031 Revolution Fan Podcast – Love Story

S02E03-Love-StoryIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 3, Love Story. We listen to and talk about your feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, Tom and Jenn talked about:

  • Rachel’s rescue, Miles rescuing Jessica and the other town lady
  • Monroe’s actions, and what we think he may be doing
  • The bounty hunter (Adam)
  • Miles and Titus’s strange agreement and plan – that all the  Willoughby folks all evacuate
  • How Jessica does not want to return to Titus
  • The guy working for the Patriots who made the deal with Titus (Garrett), and how his story unfoldedpodcast-150x150
  • Did Garrett kill Titus? Tom thinks he probably did but Jenn is not sure
  • The number of Patriot soldiers. It seems that there were a lot of them. Were they all in Guantanamo Bay for 14-15 years?
  • Neville’s new “story” was good but US Deputy Director Vince Cook did not believe him.
  • The continuation of the Aaron / Cynthia discussion, and Aaron’s change from last season
  • Rachel and her arrow wound. Will her nanite capsule help her?

Tom and Rob talked about:

  • The different love stories in this episode: Titus/Jessica, Miles/Rachel, Aaron/Cynthia
  • Miles and Rachel both have strong feelings for each other
  • Rob realizes Titus and Neville have very similar revenge motives
  • Rob was disappointed that Titus was not the main bad guy
  • Why did the Patriots want Willoughby? Is it related to the nanites, fireflies, and so on?
  • What was Titus going to do? Was his family going to move into Willoughby?
  • Rob calls Adam a “Ken doll.” We talk about Adam, Monroe and Charlie
  • We talk a little bit about the Kill Count streaks. Tom will try to get streak stats for next episode.
  • Neville and Jason’s new special project. Maybe Jason’s project has to do with Charlie

We played a voicemail from Todd in North Carolina. He mentions again that we still don’t know who caused the blackout on purpose.

We played a voicemail from Don (Dom?) also in North Carolina. He wants the writers to have more light, funny moments like Supernatural so the story can be more enduring. Jenn talks about the black humor that have soldiers have to deal with combat situations.

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