030 Revolution Fan Podcast – There Will Be Blood

S02E02-There-Will-Be-BloodIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution season 2, episode 2, There Will Be Blood. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and read and talk about your feedback.

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In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talked about:

  • Our overall satisfaction on the episode
  • The religious theme with Aaron (miracle vs. science) and Titus
  • Aaron’s girlfriend Cynthia and how she is going to fit inpodcast-150x150
  • The dead rats – Jenn wondered if it could be that many rats that had to give up their life-force to bring back Aaron?
  • The scene we saw in the Tower with the bombs falling. Why did Aaron’s system crash right when we was about to shut off the power again?
  • Why did the power go off again permanently? Tom thinks it has to do with the nuclear detonation.
  • Charlie’s temporary captor had really nice teeth. Jenn thinks he will be a love interest for Charlie.
  • Charlie predicted the Monroe plot re escaping
  • The writers were a little cruel with Sheriff Mason – make fun of him (“Walker Texas Ranger”) and then shoot him in the head
  • The purpose of Titus’s blood test – are they transfusing the blood to the woman on the bed?
  • Miles’s escape attempt and breaking just his right hand
  • The creepiness of Titus’s family being his former students
  • The show is called Revolution, but last year’s revolution (against Monroe) is now changed; now we are revolting against the Patriots
  • Rachel’s attempt to rescue Miles
  • Rachel and Aaron’s conversation about the nanites’ change
  • How all the groups’ plots are related to the Patriots: Neville is right at the front, Monroe is being captured and brought to the Patriots, Titus’s group is communicating with them, and Rachel thinks Randall was following orders.
  • The Arabic letter with the Illuminati symbol. Shelley thinks the letter-writer may be really in control and not Titus
  • Tom tweeted the screen shot of the Arabic letter. @donveto responded with “Dina settled in north Texas camp. Temtove Androve is under control. and until we met on the time we specified”
  • Rob made the connection that both Neville and Titus’s statuses were elevated by the blackout
  • Jason’s purpose and Jason’s part on the show

We talked about this week’s Aaron’s Journal Entry called Lazarus. Aaron mentions what was strange about the other animals: “…a flock of starlings flying in a perfect quadrilateral, cicadas buzzing in harmony…” Jenn and Shelley thought the nanites infected the birds and gave them a hive mind.

Revolution Revealed had a funny section where Tracy Spiradakos (Charlie) said David Lyons (Monroe) told her it didn’t hurt, but David Lyons said it really hurt when Charlie whacked him.

We talked about Kyle Pope’s comment in last week’s comment section. Kyle points out how they did not mention Danny at all in the recap or the episode last week. Jenn pointed out they had a great opportunity this week and didn’t again.

We played a voicemail from Todd in North Carolina. Todd wants to get back to who caused the blackout. Jenn thinks it was just the nanite weapon that didn’t have enough containment testing. However, we don’t know if someone used the backdoor in Aaron’s operating system to lose containment on purpose.

We read an email from Rach in the Georgia Federation coast away from Atlanta. She asked and we talked about Grace and what she was doing. Will anyone else be safe from death? Jenn thinks Aaron might be the father of the nanites. Tom thinks Miles’s hand fracture might heal up from the nanites. Rach asked about the Ben vision. Is Cynthia up to no good? We don’t think so.

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3 Responses to 030 Revolution Fan Podcast – There Will Be Blood

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    My hypothesis regarding the death and resurrection of Aaron is that Aaron is now either partly or wholly a nanomachine colony. I base this on the following:

    Animals that live and act in large groups are suddenly displaying highly disciplined and coordinated behavior that goes far beyond instinct. The nanites are clearly mutating and exerting control over simpler lifeforms. The nanites have evolved and are now learning about their environment and attempting to influence and control it.

    Aaron was stone dead for two hours. Absent modern means of preserving Aaron’s body his cells will have started breaking down. After two hours his brain and central nervous system would have been seriously and irretrievably damaged. Suddenly he revives not only unaffected mentally but his wounds have completely healed. The only explanation from a real world perspective is that the nanites destroyed and replaced the necrotic tissue in Aaron’s corpse. As Aaron continues to live more of his body cells will be replaced by this new generation of nanites. Aaron will continue to look and think like Aaron but instead of cells his body will be composed of specialized nanites.

    If this happened to Aaron it could also be happening to every other living creature on the planet. Thus the dead rats. Perhaps the nanites didn’t fully understand life and killed the rats in their attempt to assimilate them. Since Aaron was already dead his body would not have offered resistance to the nanites as they started assimilating him. Perhaps this is the evolution the title sequence is referring to.

  2. Kyle Pope says:

    It’s not simply my opinion that the whole “rescue Danny” plotline was a mistake though I certainly feel it was. Eric Kripke himself admitted in a San Diego Comic Con interview (www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTROWMFBcMA&html5=1) that Revolution’s first season was not what it should have been and thus the show was completely revamped for season 2.

  3. Debbie says:

    To the comment that Shelley thinks ‘Mr Fancy Pants’ is in control and not Titus, I think that could be true. But also think it may be that he (fancy) is working with the Patriots without Titus knowing anything about it. And they are using Titus to accomplish something, just not sure what that might be. Also, Titus could be transfusing blood to the woman we saw behind the Red door (interesting that behind that RED door has to do with blood). But wondered if she is another victim and he is storing up blood of a certain type for the Patriots. Again just speculating different options. Of course, it all could be completely different knowing Kripke, Grellong and Rambo. Thanks for your posts though. Very interesting.

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