029 Revolution Fan Podcast – Born In The U.S.A.

S02E01-Born-In-The-USAIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about the Revolution second season premier, Born In The U.S.A. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and read and talk about your feedback.

In this week’s discussion of the episode, we talked about:

  • Our overall satisfaction on the episode
  • The music, all classic rock, that appeared in the episode
  • Charlie’s growth since we last saw her
  • Monroe, Fight Club, and New Vegas
  • podcast-150x150Charlie’s mission of finding and attempting to kill Monroe
  • Who was the guy that captured Monroe at the end
  • Rachel’s mental state, and trying to see what she’s been doing from her point of view
  • Rachel’s Dad, Dr. Gene Porter, played by Stephen Collins
  • Aaron’s home and work situation
  • Who was in the shed that Miles killed and burned down?
  • Miles protecting the Rachel and the town from these new “Great White”-like bandits
  • Jenn and Rob clarified the fight in the cornfield for Shelley and Tom who didn’t completely followed the editing
  • Neville and Jason’s search for Julia
  • What happened to the nanites when the bombs dropped?
  • We try to piece together what happened right at and after the bomb impact. Did Rachel see a satellite video of a bomb dropping? Why is the power off again? Aaron was confident that the power would not come on again.
  • What happened to the fireflies, cicadas, and startling flocks?
  • Aaron coming back to life. Was his pendant a factor?
  • The “United States government” and their false flag story that Monroe and Foster bombed each other
  • The other new bad guy Titus Andover. We talked about his creepiness. Jenn thinks this plot will only last another episode or two.

We talked about this week’s Aaron’s Journal Entry called Willoughby. He was really happy right before this episode happened.

Revolution Revealed is here. Eric Kripke confirmed that these “patriots” are not the United States government.

We also talked about our Questions and Answers from this week. We had no answers and a bunch of new questions. We reviewed the Kill Count for this week. We talked about what we saw in the preview for next week. The Interactive Map had a new entry for Willoughby but not for New Vegas or Washington D.C.

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3 Responses to 029 Revolution Fan Podcast – Born In The U.S.A.

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    Ctrl – Alt – Del

    While billed as the second season of Revolution, this episode played out as the pilot of a brand new show. This is the show Revolution was supposed to be. The first half of the first season was apparently discarded, never to be spoken of again and a lot of the second half was dumped down the memory hole as well. I like this. With the change in the creative team Revolution has taken a new tack much more in keeping with the show’s original premise. While I retain some skepticism, this is only the first episode after all, there are some quantum level improvements in the show. I am curious to see where they go with it.

    Clearly we’re supposed to forget that everything prior to “The Stand” ever happened. The clearest evidence of this is that Danny is nowhere to be found. Even though his rescue was the original motivation of the characters he was not shown in the episode’s opening recap and his name has not been mentioned. This is a good thing as Danny and the quest to rescue him did the show no favors. Hopefully this will continue and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Remembered will continue his very short slide into obscurity. (Yes, I hated Danny’s guts.) Also gone is the power and anybody’s concern for bringing it back. We have settled into the idea that electricity is something we’re going to have to learn to live without forever. This will require some eventual explanation as Aaron seemed to have little difficulty turning electricity on and off with a few keystrokes. Did the nanites mutate? Did the control system break down? Perhaps this is part of the changes in nature that now has Aaron concerned.

    Also gone is the pristine environment of this supposedly post apocalyptic world. No more new clothes, freshly showered bodies and perfectly coiffed hair. Grit, grime and grunge have taken their proper place in this world of ruin. Revolution’s previous depiction of this world was at times so silly as to be beyond belief. The target demographic of this show has played too many video games like Fallout, BioShock, The Last of Us, etc. to buy into the model of ruin Revolution was originally trying to sell.

    Our tight knit Fellowship of the Pendant has now split up and spread to the four winds and benefited as a result. None more so than Charlie. Once a doe-eyed innocent with a terminal case of TSTL (Too Stupid to Live), she has turned into a steely eyed assassin on a solo mission to take out Monroe. On her own in the Plains Nation, Charlie is willing to even use her own body to get what she needs to land her quarry. And when Monroe was lined up in her sights she didn’t hesitate. It was a badly timed plot development that prevented Monroe from having to pick a crossbow bolt out of his ear. Monroe himself has fallen far from his lofty heights. The former dictator of the North Eastern United States is now supporting himself by bare knuckle brawls in a reborn Las Vegas. Rootless Miles has found a new purpose for his life in the quiet little town he was about to abandon. A purpose well suited to his skill set given the town has been targeted by this show’s equivalent of Reavers. Miles’ days of shedding the blood of others are far from over. Rachel is recovering from an unseen nervous breakdown and has found some peace in her father’s house. Aaron has found love and a learning curve with a fellow teacher. When bandits broke into their home and attempted to kidnap his woman, this Aaron reached for the nearest heavy object and started swinging. While sweet may be a rare and valuable commodity in this new world, a woman still wants her man to pick up a weapon and fight for her when she’s about to be abducted for a night of gang rape. Aaron still needs to learn what to do with a weapon once he has one but still this is a major step forward for him.

    This leaves the show’s most interesting character. Despondent after the apparent death of his wife, Tom searches an endless expanse of refugee camps in a vain (or not) hope that she left Atlanta before the bombs fell. Jason is traveling with him and their roles have been reversed with the son now caring for the father. At the end of his endurance, Tom is about to eat the business end of his Desert Eagle when fate deals him a new hand in the form of a sailing frigate flying an American flag sailing up the river promising the return of the United States. Tom’s finely honed BS detector starts throwing every red flag it has at this development as the story being sold by the new purported US government does not comport with what Tom knows to be true. Concluding that these are the guys Randall was working for and are thus responsible for the death of his wife, Tom swears vengeance, cleans himself up and the Tom Neville we all know and love makes his triumphant return. Welcome back, Chicken Man.

    This new episode is not without issues. There are inconsistencies with where season 1 ended and the start of season 2. After the battle at the Tower our heroes were awash in guns and ammunition to include gauss guns. However Charlie is back to using a crossbow (and a conventional one at that) and Miles is back to his sword. There’s no reason to be using sailing ships to get around. This group calling itself the US government appears pretty well funded. They should have no problem finding or building steamships or diesel powered vessels. We know steam powered watercraft exist from “The Love Boat”. The man who was 30 miles away from the nuclear blast should be dead. If he caught enough heat to melt his jacket into his skin he was close enough to take a lethal dose of radiation. It is odd that in the wake of nuclear detonations the show has made no mention of radiation sickness. Hopefully that will change. As to nanites surviving and benefiting from the bombs that would be highly unlikely unless Revolution has left science fiction and crossed over into fantasy. The heat and blast would have destroyed any nanites near ground zero. And since the nanites are virus sized ionizing radiation would destroy them at the atomic level. My biggest problem is the apparent death and resurrection of Aaron. The direction this show is going now doesn’t need magic. The issues of survival and politics should be enough. And it’s not like I’d have missed Aaron had he stayed dead. All in all none of these are fatal so far. It’s all going to depend on where they run with it.

    Anyway, here’s to Revolution 2.0. Someone there got the message.

    • Todd says:

      Who do you think caused the blackout? Up until now I thought it was Rachel – she did it to save Danny – the proliferation of nanites was keeping him alive.

      • Kyle Pope says:

        My money is on Randall. When he first saw the technology it was presented to him as a failure. What was supposed to provide free universal electricity instead suppressed it. Randall immediately latched on to the strategic possibilities of such a system and developed it as a weapon. Then he got the news that his son had been killed and something in him snapped.

        It’s all speculation as to what happened next but likely Randall found some like minded individuals in the government and came up with a new plan to deprive the world of a power he deemed to dangerous for it to handle. Those people found a safe haven where they could wait for Randall to complete his plan. A world without electricity would be easier to control.

        That;s my hypothesis anyway.

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