027 Revolution Fan Podcast – Initial Reaction to The Dark Tower

S01E20-The-Dark-TowerIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom gives his initial reaction to the Revolution season 1 finale (episode 20), The Dark Tower. The full episode will be out later this week.

We’d like your feedback for this week’s episode that we can read/play and respond to in our full episode coming out later this week. Call and leave a voicemail at:

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or email voice feedback or written feedback to revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com.

Tom started by talking about the violence warning which we have seen just once before. Miles and Monroe had 3 bouts of their showdown, but Miles told him why he left / tried to kill him, and later podcast-150x150why he couldn’t kill him – they will always be brothers.

Tom thought it was strange that Nora just killed all of Dan’s people, the Tower protectors. I understand that they are on the opposite side of Rachel, Aaron and Nora who each have their own reasons for turning the power back on. But I guess there wasn’t any way around it in this case.

It’s complicated between Miles and his feelings for Nora and for Rachel. However, things may be simpler now that Nora’s dead…

So, they get the power back on, and it seems the power plans, electric grids, and local wiring is pretty much intact after 15 years (16 years now?) without being serviced. That’s probably a place for suspending disbelief.

So, why all the lightning outside the Tower where Monroe was?

And finally, was this really the former US Government’s plan to turn on the power, and to launch missles at Philly and Atlanta? That’s kind of destructive.

All right, send us your feedback by Thursday at 6 PM Eastern so we can include it in our full episode.

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2 Responses to 027 Revolution Fan Podcast – Initial Reaction to The Dark Tower

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    In fairness I reserved judgement on the last episode until I saw this one. The previous episode was simply setting up the pieces for the finale. More on that later.

    I have a problem with the power simply coming back on once Aaron shut down the nanites. The power grid has been offline and unattended for 15 years. The coal fired power plants would have run out of fuel. Hydroelectric plants would have seized with no maintenance on the generators and no one keeping the inlets to the turbines clear of marine life. Nuclear reactors will have scrammed with no cooling water flowing through them. This would be followed by the spent fuel ponds exploding and contaminating everything downwind. Fifteen years of weather would have knocked down thousands of miles of high tension lines. Utility poles will have toppled. Cables will have snapped during winter. Transformers will have corroded. After a decade and a half there would be no electrical infrastructure to restore power to. Keeping an electrical grid up and running is a 24/7 job for thousands of people. Anyone who’s been through a bad storm knows it doesn’t take much to knock a power grid offline. I’d really like to know where there were generators still turning.

    Another problem is Randall launching two ICBMs by pushing one button. Ignoring the fact that without maintenance for 15 years those missiles should neither launch or detonate, the US has a very complex procedure regarding the release of nuclear weapons involving everything from proper codes to arm the warheads to the actual launch procedure involving a missile launch crew. Every country on the planet has procedures in place to prevent any one individual from releasing nuclear weapons. Also, I hope the writers know that US nuclear missiles don’t self destruct. Unless those missiles fizzle out somehow both Atlanta and Philadelphia are gone.

    Why would the United States government retreat to Cuba after the Blackout? Why would the Cubans let them stay? The military contingent at Guantanamo Bay would not have been able to hold off the Cubans who would certainly want to drive them off the island once the lights went out and the American military advantage was negated. Even if the Americans were able to hold out against a Cuban assault, where would they get supplies to sustain themselves for 15 years with no trade with Cuba and no supplies coming in from the outside?

    So where does the show go now? The whole “world without power” gimmick is gone. Now what?

    • Benjamin W says:

      All excellent points. The show is clearly flying with nobody at the controls. The ending feels like it was thrown together after a weekend bender, with no concern with following what cannon the show has. That sort of sloppiness worked with LOST because people actually believed they were going to explain everything, here that is not the case and everyone can see that the storyline makes absolutely no sense from the perspective of any of the characters.

      What exactly is the US government in Cuba expecting to do? They’re certainly not going to be welcomed back. The Rebels may use the US flag as their symbol, but there is no way they are fighting for the US of 2013 as that would be simply trading one tyrant for another.

      Most people probably believe it was the US government who caused the blackout in the first place so anyone coming into an area claiming to be from what remains of the US government would in all likelihood either be beaten within an inch of their life and sent packing or promptly killed and hung from a bridge as a warning to the next guy. Watching almost everyone you know die as a result of the blackout will create memories that will remain very strong 15 years later.

      Cuba doesn’t have the natural resources for a pre-electricity industrial economy (They don’t have much for industry as it is right now.) while the continental states do, so how are they going to take back control by force?

      What are they hoping to salvage from the bullet riddled plot for a second season?

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