026 Revolution Fan Podcast – Children Of Men

S01E19-Children-Of-MenIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 19, Children Of Men. We talk about a secret message in the Tower’s override code, we update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and read and talk about your feedback.

We started by reading an email from Deborah. She predicted that the Tower people were the scientists working in the Tower at the time of the blackout (which was right), protecting the Tower (which was right), and a super race of mutated humans that had nanite capabilities that have mutated (which we are not yet sure).

podcast-150x150We got into a tangent about Steven King references, and how after we get in the Tower, you have to get to Level 12, and then you may have to get to a certain computer, and so on, where there can be many more levels after this.

In this week’s discussion of Children Of Men, we talked about:

  • Neville, and how he is changing sides, or is he just continuing to always continue on his “side.”
  • The Monroe and Rachel brief alliance
  • Rachel’s grenade, and how she could have dispensed it better
  • The thought that goes through people who attempt suicide. Pretty much all people who survive said that as soon as they got past the point of no return, they regretted their decision.
  • This Monroe / Rachel scene is the only time we’ve seen Monroe’s ability to lead, to manipulate, and to get into other people’s mind
  • Whether Miles and Monroe will need to make a temporary alliance in this episode
  • How the Tower People’s ideas seem to be like a religion
  • How the “just another Monday” comment from Miles seemed to Tom to call back to episode 2.
  • Another call to why Aaron is important
  • How the Tower People have sealed themselves in by dismantling the elevators and probably blocking the staircases.
  • The coil guns and the Mythbusters reference
  • How do you kill anyone on the planet? Tom thought it might have been like Real Genius
  • The 62-character override code for the Tower Door, and how Tom wrote a blog entry about the secret message, “Fgnite the world, watch it burn
  • Whether the F in Fgnite may have been a production typo or whether there is a real reason for it
  • The VP bunker
  • The Rachel flashbacks with Ben before and after the blackout
  • Neville and the things he said to start the revolt
  • Miles and Monroe showing down, again…
  • Dan and his people, and burning Dr. Warren’s book
  • The 1 in a billion chance of burning everything if they flip the switch to turn the power back on
  • How many people you need to have enough genetic material to keep a population going
  • The episode title “Children Of Men”

Rob said if he were a writer on this show he would put a clue in an episode that was for a different episode.

The Footnotes this week is Aaron’s Journal Entry called The Price Of Power. Aaron said he would flip the switch even with the 1 in a billion risk.

We also talked about our Questions and Answers from this week. Did they have enough women working there to repopulate, or did they have families already living in the Tower at the time of blackout, or were they nearby?

We reviewed the Kill Count for this week.

In the preview for next week, The Dark Tower, they show them on Level 12, pressing [Enter] on a computer, and they show a shot of the world with the lights turning on.

We read email feedback from Deb, Natalie and Alan. Deb said there were women in Monroe’s camp. Natalie was amazed by Dan’s people and burning the book. Alan says the people keep turning out to be more important that we originally think that we find out as the series goes on.

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2 Responses to 026 Revolution Fan Podcast – Children Of Men

  1. Debbie Pyle says:

    I was wondering what the people/scientists in the Tower for 15 years did for food and water. I saw there were plants hanging in the background so being scientists I am sure there is a way they worked out growing food. Probably had an easier go of it inside than the people outside the Tower since the Plains Nation folks are starving. But what about water? Did they plan ahead for it? Did they plan ahead for any of it? And the preview shows Dan informing Rachel her ‘friends’ (assuming Miles, Nora, and Bass) have left the Tower. How do they get out when you need a code to get in and not one of those three could figure out codes. Sorry to bombard you but I have more questions actually.

    • Tom Snively says:

      Hey Debbie,

      I think this is in a mountain, so there may be a stream or river going nearby or under. Maybe they have a well or something?

      Their life support systems, you would think, allow for re-cycling air, and maybe also their excrement.

      I didn’t see any line from Dan about their friends. Where is that video link? It does look like Monroe is outside and there is some lightning or something.


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