024 Revolution Fan Podcast – Clue

S01E18-ClueIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 18, Clue. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and talk about what is coming next.

We started by playing a clip from last week where Jenn predicted that Jim could be the mole, and because the Militia would get to Sophie and use her as leverage. We also red an email from Roger Sanderson about “redshirts.” He said what color the shirts were in Star Trek: TOS and Star Trek: TNG.

podcast-150x150In this week’s discussion of Clue, we talked about:

  • Nora and her torture, and how we see three weeks pass
  • How Nora did a great job holding out for three weeks
  • The white dress that Monroe gave to Nora
  • The drug injections they gave to Nora and how this affected her
  • Sanborn and where he stands on the good guy / bad guy scale
  • The scene with Monroe and Randall
  • Randall talks about skunk works in the Tower
  • Rachel and Aaron walking into Colorado with no horses
  • The answer about driving on cleared roads, and siphoning the auto and helicopter fuel from all the stopped autos and helicopters
  • The Whodunit – including “weapons in the bag”
  • Neville during this part of the episode
  • Poor Jason during this part of the episode
  • The short part where Jason whispers to Neville after Jason kills Jim – will that turn out to be important?
  • The misdirection with Jason seeing the Monroe Militia guy during the kiss with Charlie
  • Randall can’t get in the Tower
  • And who were all those people looking at them on the monitor?
  • In Revolution Revealed, David Rambo had a nice quote about what we’re going to see about The Tower in the next 2 episodes
  • Rachel’s plan to create a distraction (kill Monroe) so Aaron can get inside the Tower
  • What do you think will happen with Rachel’s grenade? Will Monroe or Rachel die?
  • The episode title “Clue”

In the clips for next week, we see a skirmish in the tent, an large explosion, and at least Aaron, Miles, and Charlie in the Tower.

The Footnotes this week is Aaron’s Journal Entry called Last Will and Testament. It’s a pretty interesting read. We also talked about our Questions and Answers from this week.

Is the Tower like its own character? We talked a little more about the people who are living in the Tower all these years.

David Rambo and Paul Grellong (Revolution producers and writers) both approved our QA page on Twitter.

We reviewed the Kill Count for this week.

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4 Responses to 024 Revolution Fan Podcast – Clue

  1. Jeanne says:

    Good episode.
    one of thr men we see watching from inside the tower will be Glenn Morshowe, tower comander officer from ghost episode.

    I loved the reference to Travis Pickle from taxi driver.
    Also will Rachael have s device to control the nasnites to shield her from the blast?


    • Tom Snively says:

      It does look like Glenn Morshower. That would be cool if it was him.

      I think he said “Travis Bickle” from Taxi Driver. 🙂

      Travis Pickle is a band I saw live in the late 90’s. My favorite song of their was Motorcycle Man.

  2. Kyle Pope says:

    It’s quite late in the season for a filler episode after you’ve finally got everybody headed towards the show’s Holy Grail.

    So what happened to the show about survival in a world without electricity? Now we’re flying helicopters, fighting with automatic weapons and headed for a high tech tower full of unknown nanotechnology with the power to rule the world. This show appears to have completely lost narrative focus.

    The idea that Monroe’s troops would subject Nora to three weeks of torture and extreme violence without having repeatedly raped her is a bit naive. Rape is the Monroe Militia’s MO given how they’ve been carting off women from the settlements under their control. Rape as an instrument of torture and terror has a long and storied history. The likely reason that Nora’s dress is still so clean is that she spent very little time wearing it.

    Foraging for fuel for a Huey helicopter is a bad travel plan. The fuel capacity of a Huey is 207 gallons of JP-4 which gives you 3 hours of flight time. With a minimum of four fueling stops given the distance to Colorado Springs that means over 800 gallons of useable fuel required for each aircraft in a world which hasn’t refined petroleum for 15 years. Besides, how long does it take to siphon 200 gallons of fuel by mouth out of other decrepit aircraft and fuel trucks spread around the vast area of an airfield? Their little pit stop would have taken days and that’s just for one helicopter. Monroe needed a squadron of them to haul all of the men and equipment he brought to the Tower. Finding and transferring enough useable fuel to keep them all in the air would have been impossible in this environment.

    Fort Hanson was an army installation not an air force base. The air force doesn’t identify its bases as “forts” nor does it have airborne divisions.

    How did Sanborn know those initials on the knife meant Annapolis, Maryland? If the knife was made in Annapolis it would say “Made in Annapolis, MD”. The initials “AMD” could mean anything and would most likely be the initials of the owner.

    It was obvious that Jim was the mole because he was the only named character in the group that had no further purpose in this arc. The main characters were out (Miles, Charlie, Nora, Neville, Jason) leaving Sanborn and Jim. Sanborn was there to throw suspicion on Nora ruling him out. Both Jim and Sanborn were expendable and Jim had completely disappeared from the story until he shows up for this helicopter ride.

    So what happened to Miles’ famous combat skills? Until now he has knocked down every force the Militia has thrown at him without breaking a sweat. Now Jim beats him to a pulp just so the writers can have Jason shoot him.

    Why would the Tower have an elevator but not stairs? Even under normal circumstances power can fail or elevators can break down. Any multistory structure with an elevator, especially a military structure, is going to have stairs.

    I hope Sanborn told Miles where the Tower was before he died. Otherwise this whole trip was for naught.

    Why would Rachel walk into the tent with the grenade? The point of the hand grenade is that you throw it. She could throw it into Monroe’s tent through the open flap. She could roll it under the back of the tent. She could toss it against the side of the tent. Canvas isn’t going to shield Monroe from the blast and shrapnel of a grenade. Having Rachel walk in with it is just fake drama. It certainly doesn’t make sense that Rachel would want to commit suicide this close to her goal.

    BTW… the little lever that flies off of a grenade when you pull the pin and throw it is called the spoon. It holds back the striker that ignites the fuse that detonates the grenade.

    That will is typical Aaron. So if you found a document requesting that it be delivered to a “Charlie Matheson”, would you think to look for a young woman? And how many “Charlie Mathesons” are there likely to be in the world?

  3. Gizzi1213 says:

    I agree with Kyle on the helicopter details, it was very unrealistic. However, I simply shrug it off as dramatic license on the part of the writers. Every show and movie does something that has viewers rolling their eyes at some scene/device used to move the story narrative along, even if it makes no logical sense.

    What bothered me even more about the helicopter was that suddenly Miles knows how to fly one. Really? And Nora knows how to fix one? Right! Those two bits took me out of the story more than the whole fuel thing.

    I’m glad that Tom (I think it was) mentioned that Jim referred to Rachel as “your MILFy sister-in-law” because I thought I was hearing things when I caught that bit of dialog. I wonder if that is a 10 pm acceptable acronym as opposed at an 8 pm acceptable acronym?

    One thing that really stood out for me in this episode was the subtle references to the Matheson family dynamics. First there was the MILFy comment which, given the definition of a “MILF” and the hints we’ve seen of the Miles/Rachel relationship, was a way to remind the viewer of the past (apparent) sexual relationship between the two without the two needing to be in the same scene.

    While there is still the question about the timing of that relationship, that very question has raised the possibility of Miles being Charlie’s biological father, not her uncle.

    Yet in this episode, for the first time since I think episode 2, we hear Charlie referred to as “your sweet niece” by Tom Neville and Jason asks Charlie to “tell you uncle I didn’t do this.” I don’t think that is a coincidence. I think the words “niece” and “uncle” were deliberately worked into the dialog so that relationship has been “refreshed” in the viewers’ minds, so that when it is revealed that sometime over the next two episodes that Miles is Charlie’s father, it will have a larger impact.

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