023 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Longest Day

S01E17-The-Longest-DayIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 17, The Longest Day. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and talk about what is coming for the rest of the season.

We started by talking about NBC’s timeslot change for next season. Instead of Mondays at 10 PM Eastern, Revolution will air on Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern. Is NBC trying to “kill” Revolution? How important is a strong lead-in like The Voice? Has Revolution hit its peak in the ratings? We talk a little about how the season will end, and will new viewers pick it up and catch up over the summer.

Revolution will be filming in Austin Texas for next season. They maybe ran out of locations in Wilmington, North Carolina.podcast-150x150

Rob Kearney sent in a “preshow crackpot theory” email on Monday before Revolution aired. He speculated that the blue capsule could be used to heal Rachel’s leg. He really nailed it! Great job!

In this week’s discussion of The Longest Day, we talked about:

  • How quickly the capsule healed Rachel
  • Would the capsule would have saved the boy
  • Rachel’s true feelings about her purpose for going to the Tower and how that differed from Aaron
  • The old Mac computer parts that they were able to find, how easily the capsule fit in, and how Aaron typed just a couple of lines of code from the book to program it
  • the tragedy of Monroe, and how quickly Monroe jumped to conclusions and had Jeremy killed
  • We talked a little about what would happen to the Monroe Republic if Monroe died
  • Who is the mole? Jenn speculates that it could be Jim Hudgens, and perhaps Monroe officers are holding Jim’s wife and using that to turn him
  •  It could also be a “redshirt,” although Rob throws out that it could be Georgia’s President Foster, or perhaps they tracked the pendant that Miles had after the nuclear bomb episode
  • In next week’s episode, they show Miles in a helicopter. Randall and John Sanborn guest star, so maybe Sanborn gives Georgia an amplifier or something.
  • We reviewed Grace and the elevator. We didn’t get anything on this cliffhanger.
  • Miles and Nora, and how they really feel about each other.
  • Neville and Jason and their scenes together
  • Charlie and Jason, and how the flame is now lit
  • All the gender role reverals we have: Charlie/Jason, Miles/Nora, Rachel/Aaron
  • The Miles and Rachel flashbacks. Was anything missing, like scenes that were cut? Why did Rachel turn herself in, say how she had “interest” in turning the power on, and then later say she wasn’t going to help
  • Tom reconstructed a blackout timeline:
    – 5 years after the blackout, Miles and Monroe were fighting the Trenton Campaign. (The Monroe Militia did not yet control the whole Monroe territory.)
    – 7 years after the blackout, Miles and Monroe were looking for Ben, but Rachel turns herself in
    – 11 years after the blackout, Miles thinks Rachel is dead, Monroe is out of control and tries to kill him, and leaves the militia. Monroe asks Neville to find Bed
    – 15 years after the blackout, Ben knew that Miles was in Chicago at the Grand Hotel
    So, Miles found Ben between 11 and 15 years after the blackout, and Miles probably told Ben that Rachel died. Ben told the children “she died out there.”
    This does mean, however, that Miles didn’t tell Monroe what Rachel said about being project lead and that she knew about the blackout
  • Why this episode was called The Longest Day

The Footnotes this week is Aaron’s Journal Entry called The Woman I Thought I Knew.

We reviewed the Kill Count for this week. During firefights, they have been focusing on Miles’s kills and not Nora or Charlie’s.

There were also a lot of answers this week. They are updated on our Questions and Answers page.

We will try to update our YouTube page, and possibly even put a video up there.

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3 Responses to 023 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Longest Day

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    This episode was a let down from last week. Revolution is falling back into the narrative traps that have been plaguing the show since its debut.

    The biggest problem are the nanites. If the writers don’t start putting limitations on their capabilities they are going to turn into a literal deus ex machina. The writers will be running to them as a convenient reset button whenever they plot themselves into a corner. As it is now we can no longer take any injury to the main characters seriously no matter how critical. The nanites now render any such injuries moot.

    The next problem in this episode is Georgia being driven to the brink of surrender by Monroe’s acquisition of drones. Despite their prominence in the news drones are not a wonder weapon. A drone is a small, unmanned, low observable aerial platform used to infiltrate heavily defended airspace for reconnaissance or precision strike missions. It is a very limited weapons platform. Monroe’s helicopters are a far more capable and formidable weapons system than drones. Helicopters carry a larger and more varied loadout. They can transport troops and their supplies, deploy them far inside enemy territory, support their operations and extract them upon mission accomplishment. If anything is going to push Georgia to the edge of surrender it would be that kind of airpower. Georgia has been established as a relative superpower with plentiful resources, a burgeoning economy, transatlantic communications and trade and three times Monroe’s military strength. Georgia has, so far, dealt with a nuclear threat and a biological threat. The rebels on their own took out two helicopters. Drones wouldn’t be a concern. The drone attack on the rebel camp was pointless as there were no air defenses to circumvent. Monroe could have done a lot more damage with a heliborne assault.

    This is for Jenn. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but the reveal of Miles being Charlie’s father is coming like a freight train. Prior episodes were only hinting but this episode was telegraphing it like Western Union. Your “jump the shark” moment is coming.

    BTW… “The Longest Day” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Longest_Day_%28film%29) is also the title of the classic 1962 war film detailing the first 24 hours of the Allied invasion of Normandy.

    • Benjamin W says:

      I find this overuse of airpower quite amusing. Airpower, by itself, is completely incapable of winning a campaign. There are simply never enough aircraft and they never carry enough ordinance to be anything more than an annoyance.

      Monroe would need literally thousands of drones to even remotely start to cover everything. Just look at how badly NATO got played by the Serbian military in Kosovo, their use of decoys and primitive countermeasures rendered the NATO air offensive completely ineffective at damaging Serbian forces. It is only by combining air force with ground forces that a campaign can be won.

      Monroe’s drones shouldn’t be having a serious impact on Georgia operations other than increasing the use of camouflage.

      • Kyle Pope says:

        In all likelihood there is no military adviser on Revolution’s production staff. Given that warfare is a major part of this show’s plot development it’s a serious oversight.

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