021 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Love Boat

S01E16-The-Love-BoatIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 16, The Love Boat. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and listen to and read your feedback.

We started by talking about a Twitter exchange from last week with David Rambo.

In this week’s discussion of The Love Boat, we talked about:

  • Jenn commented on how this week and last week had the same structure (Miles story, Rpodcast-150x150achel story, surprise ending), but how the episodes were very different but she liked them both a lot
  • We talked about the “starting in the middle” literary technique (“In medias res”)
  • Neville and Jason scene on the deck
  • A quick tangent on geeks vs. nerds. I think we concluded that we are geeks.
  • Cool thing that Miles and Neville were telling the truth that they also captured Dr. Camp’s family
  • Rob liked how desperate Dr. Camp was when pleading with Charlie
  • The “quadruple cross” with all the turns at the end
  • How Charlie saved Miles from staying “over the edge”
  • The Nora and Miles scene at the end. We talked about Daniella Alonso’s comments in Revolution Revealed.
  • Miles & company are good at what they do? We talk about
  • The “Reservoir Dogs” moment with a gun stand-off triangle.
  • Rachel’s gun
  • The Plains Nation’s death sentence for all infractions
  • Rachel’s compound fracture. David Rambo called it the “most hideous wonderful broken bone you’ve ever seen on television.”
  • How they killed the other 2 guys. Who gets the Kill Count credit for the last kill?
  • We talked about slitting throats and cracking necks as quick kill methods
  • Why is Aaron in Dr. Warren’s journal? The newspaper article was about AI development when Aaron was an undergrad at MIT.
  • We talked about Aaron’s journal entry in Footnotes this week.
  • What Aaron and Rachel are going to do with the compound fracture. Will Rachel die?
  • On the NBC Revolution Interactive Map, Aaron and Rachel have entered Kansas and are only one state away from Colorado.
  • The Tower scene with Grace and Mr. Austin getting killed in the elevator. Jenn thinks the building has defense mechanisms that Mr. Austin didn’t know how to turn off.

In Questions and Answers, we didn’t get any answers but we got 2 new questions (Aaron/journal and Mr. Austin/elevator).

In next week’s episode, Charlie and Jason are going to at least kiss.

We played a voicemail feedback from Heather Smallwood. We read an email from Chuck La Forte. We played a voicemail from Kyle Pope.

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