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S01E15-HomeIn this episode  of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 15, Home. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and talk about your feedback.

We talked about this week’s Footnotes, Revolution Revealed, and the Interactive Map. The first battle was in Evansville, Indiana and Miles and Monroe grew up in Jasper, Indiana. There was some interesting canon text on the Interactive Map that said Miles and Monroe joined the Marines after Monroe got arrested and lost his baseball scholarship. (David Rambo later revealed on Twitter that this was stuff that was cut from the episode.

podcast-150x150In this week’s discussion of Home, we talked about:

  • What positions Miles and Monroe would play on a baseball team
  • Miles and Charlie’s conversation after the 3 battles
  • Monroe’s use of the messenger, and what kind of awful task that is
  • How crazy Monroe is, and how the Monroe Militia and Republic were created
  • Monroe’s use of Emma as a hostage
  • Miles, Monroe, and Emma’s parts in the triangle
  • What happened with Emma’s pregnancy and Miles/Emma’s engagement?
  • How Monroe will react to the news that Emma had a son with him
  • How soon will we see Emma and Monroe’s son?
  • How Rachel is leaving Aaron out from the Tower book
  • The awkwardness of the Aaron/Priscilla scene in the bar
  • How Aaron and Rachel reacted at the end of the bar scene
  • President Foster and Neville’s intel

We update Questions & Answers (we got answers about Priscilla and Sean’s group), and Kill Count (Miles killed 13, Charlie killed 0 on screen).

We read an email from Keith in Pittsburgh and from Rob Kearney. This got us talking about how the nanites have worked consistently for 15 years without any type of maintenance. Our talk of genetics and cells sounded like science so Tom called it Scientific Revolution.

Next week’s episode is called The Love Boat and it looks like it has Neville and Miles/Charlie’s interaction. NBC renewed Revolution for a 2nd season, so our podcast got renewed as well. 🙂

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We’d like your feedback for this week’s episode that we can read/play and respond to in our full episode coming out later this week. Call and leave a voicemail at:

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or email revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com.

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4 Responses to 019 Revolution Fan Podcast – Home

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    This show has officially crossed the line into prime time soap opera. We are now into unresolved love triangles, sexual betrayal, secret love children and reliving past regrets. So much for high concept science fiction. Melodrama has taken over. This is not the road I want go down.

    This show has a bad case of small world syndrome. We have a planet subjected to an apocalyptic event that kills 80% of the population and scatters the rest through war, famine, plague and all the other horrors wrought by the collapse of civilization. And yet everyone important to the main cast is still alive, well and living within walking distance. Miles’ and Monroe’s home town seems relatively unaffected by the past 15 years of Blackout and even Aaron, who is venturing into completely unknown territory, stumbles over a ghost from his past. Given the death rate after the Blackout it would be statistically unlikely that any survivors would be encountering people from their pasts.

    Diamond are useless as currency. They do have barter value though they are not actually rare but they are ill suited for use as money. First, diamonds are not uniform. Two stones of the same weight can vary widely in value due to factors like cut, clarity, color, etc. Second, diamonds aren’t divisible. Cutting a diamond can have the effect of destroying its value or multiplying it manyfold. Finally, you have to know what you’re doing to determine the value of a diamond or even if you have a diamond at all. There’s a reason gold has historically and universally been used as money.

    As for Rachel’s rebuff of Aaron over Dr. Warren’s notes what would you expect her to do? Aaron is supposed to be a genius but has he actually done anything to back that up? Everything we know about Aaron’s intelligence is hearsay. Everything we’ve seen him actually do suggests anything but genius. We know who the smart people are in this world. Rachel, smart. Neville, smart. Randall, damn smart. How do we know? We see them doing smart things. Nobody had to tell us. However we are told Aaron is a genius yet his behavior since episode one has been buffoonish at best and fatally incompetent at worst. He started out being given an object important enough to kill for and a simple set of instructions. Hide it, keep it safe and don’t tell anyone he has it. Two episodes later he had violated every one of those instructions. Ultimately he had the pendant plucked out of his pocket due to inattention. And did he learn from this experience? No. We see him pull two pendants out of his pack, set them on a table and then walk away from them. If Aaron is supposed to be this smart character then he should have been smart out of the gate. He could have been using his finely honed analytical skills planning out crop rotations at Sylvania Estates to maximize yields. He could be serving as an intelligence analyst for the rebels, deciphering information coming in from scouts and spies and generating tactical and strategic assessments. Instead we get someone who can’t pick up even rudimentary survival skills even after fifteen years in this environment. Given that track record why would Rachel take him seriously?

    What rock has Emma been living under for the past 15 years? Did she not know she was living in a post-apocalyptic military dictatorship under Monroe? Did the tax collectors not rob her town of their crops? Did militia wagons not come for her town’s women? Did Monroe have some standing order sealing Jasper off from his atrocities? This woman has not been keeping up with current events.

    What did Captain Dixon do wrong? Georgia and the Republic are at war. A Georgian soldier has a clear shot at the leader of the enemy state and he’s not supposed to take that shot because Miles has feelings for the hostage? Captain Dixon did his job. I have to wonder if Miles would have done the same thing if Charlie had taken that shot. And why couldn’t Miles take the shot himself when Monroe pulled away from Emma after she told him of their son? Miles is a marine and if there’s one thing the Marine Corps hammers into its recruits it’s the value of marksmanship. Monroe is at handgun range with his vitals clear of the hostage and Miles has a scoped M-4 carbine. For Miles taking out Monroe would have been a chip shot. Once Emma is killed and Monroe wounded the rebels all have a clear shot at him for several seconds. They all could have unloaded on him and reduced him to a grease smear on the pavement. Why didn’t they?

    If we’re going to waste time on Monroe trying to track down his son in the midst of much more interesting plot developments I am going to be sorely disappointed. The last thing this show needs is yet another subplot. All Monroe knows is he has a son and that assumes Emma knows for sure it’s Monroe’s. Emma died before she could give him any information to go on. Monroe doesn’t even know his son’s name. It would be impossible to find someone under those conditions today much less after civilization falls into ruin.

    Of all the ways the story of Aaron’s reunion with Priscilla could have gone they had to go with the time worn damsel-in-distress gambit. If this was some means of offering Aaron a path to redemption by being there for Priscilla in a way he couldn’t be before then it failed miserably. When Aaron finally stands up for her, she ends up saving him. When Miles and Jim were training the rebels in how to fight I guess Aaron sat those classes out. And if everybody Priscilla was traveling with died, how did she survive? It’s not like she was the badass of the group. If she was able to survive and grow strong enough to raise a family in this new world then she has far outgrown Aaron who hasn’t changed one whit since the night the lights went out. I found Priscilla’s parting declaration of love for Aaron hard to swallow. He abandoned her at a time where she never needed him more. We can only guess at what kind of hell she must have gone through before managing to establish herself. To see Aaron alive and well after he abandoned her for his supposed weakness and inability to protect her should have provoked a punch to the chops rather than a caress to the cheek. I guess she has grown so far beyond him that to her he’s not worth the energy needed to get angry. And for all its drama all this subplot did was make Aaron look even more pathetic. If the writers of this show are trying to generate sympathy for what is now an irrelevant character someone please tell them to stop. They’re not helping.

    President Kelly clearly has no idea of the history between Neville and Miles. Too much water has passed beneath that bridge for them to ever work together. With the combined hatred for Neville from both Charlie and Miles this proposed partnership can only serve to sabotage Georgia’s war effort. Of course this could be a very amusing development if Tom is using this as a stepping stone to the formation of the Neville Republic. I’d like to see that story.

  2. Rob Kearney says:

    Wow Kyle I’m shocked that you have something bad to say about the show, it’s so uncharacteristic of you…

    First the diamonds being used for currency. Sure diamonds aren’t rare and their rarity today is controled by companies like De Beers who control the supply of diamonds. As for their use as ‘currency’ in a post apocoliptic situation they hold whatever value the buyer places on them. The guy with the boat found value in them and therefore accepted them as payment.

    As for Aaron. He is a Computer Genius not a farming one. How well equiped do you think Eric Schmidt or Sergey Brinn (the real founders of Google) are for a wituation like this? Do you think that they could just go to the town square and start orginizing the community? The reality is that they’d probably die shortly after the Blackout. Just because they are smart doesn’t mean that their inteligence is something that would be useful post blackout. Honestly what makes you think that he could be an intelegence analyst based on his work with software? What makes his work with computer algorithms an obvious choice for planing crops?

    And finally Neville and Miles working together. Why is the idea of Neville and Miles working together is out of the realm of possibility but Miles and Pres. Kelley (who also hate eachother) isn’t? Neville and Miles would never work but Miles working with the rebelion is ok? Isn’t it a possibility that maybe, just maybe that Pres. Kelley doesn’t harbor the best intentions towards Miles and hopes that Neville and Miles kill eachother?

    And that is the problem. My intent when I get on this site is maybe talk to other fans (You are not one) and talk about ideas and theories. I want to talk about the Blinky device taken from Danny, or what are Pres. Kelley’s intentions with Miles and Neville. Instead I get on here and have to fight trolls. You obviously don’t like the show Kyle so why are you watching it? You’ve spent 15 hours of your life watching a show you don’t like. I son’t like Grey’s Anatomy, do you know what I DON”T do… I don’t go no fansites bashing the show and leave rant on podcasts that are meant for fans.

    • Kyle Pope says:

      – “As for their use as ‘currency’ in a post apocoliptic situation they hold whatever value the buyer places on them. The guy with the boat found value in them and therefore accepted them as payment.”-

      All manner of commodities will find value in various situations. In prisons cigarettes serve as a medium of exchange. Outside of prisons people want cash. Any serious economic development will require that anything used as a medium of exchange have certain characteristics. First, the commodity must be durable. Romans once used salt as a currency. Worked fine until you accidentally left your purse out in the rain. Second, it must be divisible. If you take a one ounce bar of gold and cut it into two half ounce bars of gold the total value doesn’t change. You can’t do that with diamonds so how do you make change? Third, it must be a store of value. It must hold its value long term or there’s no point in savings. Gold is genuinely rare and very useful. Therefore it will always be in high demand. Finally, it must be easily recognizable and identifiable. Gold is very easy to recognize and very easy to test. There’s a reason the word “touchstone” is part of our lexicon. Precious stones have been around since antiquity but when ancient cultures needed something to serve as money they almost all settled on precious metals, especially gold.

      – “As for Aaron. He is a Computer Genius not a farming one. How well equiped do you think Eric Schmidt or Sergey Brinn (the real founders of Google) are for a wituation like this? Do you think that they could just go to the town square and start orginizing the community?” –

      This is Hollywood’s idea of what constitutes intelligence and like everything else Hollywood tries to depict it gets this one wrong as well. If you’ve watched any shows on Science Channel or seen interviews with doctors, physicists, scientists in general you will find that they are very good at a lot of things. In addition to their chosen fields of study they will have rather eclectic interests and be quite good at them. For example particle physicists seem to be rather talented musicians. Intelligence is simply the ability to solve problems. We measure human and animal intelligence by posing a problem and seeing how fast the subject can learn to solve it. Being really good at one thing and completely incompetent at everything else is not intelligence. It’s Savant Syndrome. True intelligence can be broadly applied. Aaron is supposed to be a software engineer who built a multi-billion dollar business. Software engineers make the money they do not by writing code but by solving problems. You can turn out the tightest, sweetest, most beautiful code anyone has ever seen but if it doesn’t solve the problem you’ve been commissioned to solve then you have wasted your client’s time and money. Engineers of any kind solve problems for a living. The skill sets they acquire to do this work aren’t limited to one type of data set. Aaron’s mind should manipulate data on crop yields, weather patterns, food consumption, etc. as well as it manipulates data on computer operating cycles and data flow rates. A few hours with some books that will teach him the basic principles and he’ll be set. After all, he may have already once been tasked to write agricultural or military software.

      – “And finally Neville and Miles working together. Why is the idea of Neville and Miles working together is out of the realm of possibility but Miles and Pres. Kelley (who also hate eachother) isn’t?” –

      Because Neville killed (indirectly) Miles’ brother, kidnapped and tortured his nephew and on several occasions tried to kill Miles himself. It’s kind of hard to walk up to someone after all that and say, “Hey, we’re on the same team now so trust me”. I suspect Miles’ history with President Kelly was somewhat less lethal.

      – “And that is the problem. My intent when I get on this site is maybe talk to other fans (You are not one) and talk about ideas and theories. I want to talk about the Blinky device taken from Danny, or what are Pres. Kelley’s intentions with Miles and Neville. Instead I get on here and have to fight trolls.”-

      Being a fan doesn’t mean being blind to a show’s flaws. Revolution has some serious narrative issues. If you think being a fan of something means you can’t criticize it I suggest you head over to Red Letter Media (http://redlettermedia.com/) and check out Mr. Plinkett’s reviews of the Star Wars prequels. The guy doing the reviews is a Star Wars fan but he is absolutely ruthless and cut George Lucas no slack. Loving something means wanting the best for it and out of it. Revolution could be a lot better than it is but it looks like the creators aren’t even trying. Flat characterization, gaping plot holes, poor or nonexistent research, etc. These people are supposed to be professionals. They produce TV entertainment for a living and yet I’ve seen tighter writing on YouTube fan films (check out Kevin Rubio’s “Troops” for an example.). When the words “science fiction writer” brings to your mind people like Rod Serling, Harlan Ellison, David Gerrold, Theodore Sturgeon, et al who turned out some of the most famous episodes of Star Trek, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, etc. you learn to have some pretty high expectations.

      • Benjamin W says:

        I’m late to the party as usual.

        “Gold is very easy to recognize and very easy to test. There’s a reason the word “touchstone” is part of our lexicon.”

        Not to mention Touchstones were only necessary for ascertaining unminted gold of unknown quality. Anyone who isn’t deaf can tell a real 90% silver or gold coin from a counterfeit by simply dropping it onto a counter, the sound is VERY distinct from a plated copper or lead coin and impossible to counterfeit. A magnet can be used to easily find any counterfeits made of steel.

        If you really want to be sophisticated you have a scale and a graduated cylinder of water.

        Diamonds? Good luck figuring out if it’s real or not without being an expert.

        While the guy with the boat in the episode did accept diamonds as payment, what was the exchange rate vs how much it would have cost them in gold? For example, what if I am selling my car for $5,000 US dollars and someone offers to pay me in Canadian dollars? I may very well accept them in exchange for the car, but I may demand a significant premium be paid. While right now the US dollar and Canadian dollar are effectively at parity, I may only accept the Canadian dollars at a rate of 90%, meaning the person paying me in Canadian dollars would have to pay $5,500 Canadian dollars in order to get the car.

        Another example, when buying and selling on Craigslist, cash is more desirable than a check. If one is offering to pay in cash, a seller will often be more willing to agree to a lower price. Why is this?. because the check has a much higher chance of being “fake” while cash can be determined on the spot if it is real or not. While many people will accept a check, many people will not.

        So while Diamonds may indeed be accepted as money in such an environment, it will be the American Express of hard money, where lots of places simply will not accept them.

        “True intelligence can be broadly applied.”

        Exactly, I build computers, telephone systems, and CCTV security systems for a living, but at home I also repair small engines and classic mopeds as a hobby. I’m also a rather big gun nut and reload my own ammunition and develop my own loads.

        My uncle is a farmer. He knows how to farm the crops he grows and maintain his equipment, but he also knows how to build equipment. He built a custom crop sprayer from scratch starting with the frame from a burned out trailer house and the engine out of a pickup he wrecked. He can design and build a roadbed by himself. Build a temporary or permanent dike. Heck, he rebuilds engines without a shop manual and machines parts freehand.

        In addition to intelligence being the ability to solve problems. Intelligence is also having the ability to recognize your limitations. The intelligent person recognizes that they are out of their league in a situation before they cause significant damage. Based on what we have seen, Aaron is not intelligent because he doesn’t even properly recognize his own incompetence.

        “Being a fan doesn’t mean being blind to a show’s flaws. Revolution has some serious narrative issues.”

        There are webcomics, where the artist is doing it for fun, that have more coherent and well thought out worlds and characters. Just to drop a few names:

        “Freefall” artist Mark Stanley who has been doing his comic for 15 years. (But dang is the plot slow paced, 15 years and only a few weeks have passed in the comic.)

        “Sandusky” artist John Prengaman, who creates absolutely beautiful color comics, despite being colorblind, and whose world-building and character development leads to characters that one actually has feelings for. One thing of his work that is particularly impressive to me is that he successfully created a world that has talking animals with opposeable thumbs where the animals aren’t quite mentally on par with humans, which avoids the awkward question of why humans and animals aren’t equals in that world, yet are intelligent enough to avoid “predictable stupidity”. (I’m doing a really bad job of explaining this.) It is much harder to do than one thinks and he managed to pull it off.

        The “Sanduscy” comic has ended, but he has two other comics that are in their early stages an show great promise.

        Those are just two, there are many more capable people who manage to do this in their free time and produce works that put the “professionals” to shame.

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