018 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 14, TheS01E14-The-Night-The-Lights-Went-Out-In-Georgia Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia. We update Questions & Answers and Kill Count and play and talk about your feedback.

Kyle Pope sent in a long voice feedback that we play and talk about as the topics come up this week.

We talked about this week’s Revolution Revealed, Footnotes, and the Interactive Map. Dr. Warren’s house is in Allison Park, PA so Rachel is not making any western progress to go across the Plains Nations.podcast-150x150

We talked briefly about Dr. Warren’s frying device, and how the nanites have new powers that are not fully explained. Rob gets into a quick analysis of Dr. Warren, Rachel, Randall, and Monroe, and how they relate in his eyes.

In this week’s discussion of The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia, we talked about:

  • How psychotic Monroe is
  • How there are not many of Monroe’s top Generals, Colonels and Majors left
  • Monroe’s “leadership” style and how long he can stay in power
  • How Neville could get into Philadelphia, collect his wife, and get out of Philadelphia with 30-foot city walls
  • Some of Miles’s great lines in this episode
  • The Georgia Federation, and how much nicer it would be to live there than the Monroe Republic
  • The Monroe / Georgia border and how porous it was
  • How Miles is feeling recalling his relationship with Alec and what Miles did to him
  • Monroe’s ultimatum and how it would be difficult for him to know Georgia’s “answer”
  • Monroe’s radio and how it would work during the blackout
  • President Foster’s offer to Monroe of troops and guns to open a second front against Monroe
  • The “spontaneous combustion” scene and how Dr. Warren’s device works
  • Whether there are one or more kinds of nanites that are doing these different things
  • Nanites eating the tumorous cancer cells, but Beth still having “stage 4” cancer, and what would happen if the nanites were short-circuited
  • Beth’s sacrifice, and how much she knew about Dr. Warren’s tech
  • Elizabeth Mitchell great acting skills, and how she can emote multiple emotions in sequence

In next week’s episode, Home, we are going to see Aaron’s wife is still alive, and that Monroe and Miles are going to meet with Miles’s first love, in the town where they grew up.

We got a couple of answers for our Questions and Answers page, and we talked about the new questions. We also updated the Kill Count.

We read read a “nerds of the world unite!” message from Mandi Price on Twitter. We read an email from Teresa C. and played more of Kyle voice feedback.

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10 Responses to 018 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    Regarding the border between the Georgia and the Republic, for all practical purposes the Georgia Federation, Plains Nation and the Monroe Republic are already at war. It had been established in a prior episode that there are border skirmishes between the three nations. Georgia also has spies in the Republic and they would have reported back on Monroe’s imperialistic ambitions. If Monroe is making border incursions into Georgia and Georgia is fighting them off then the border is going to be sealed and patrolled.

    The Bell UH-1 Huey helicopter has a cruising speed of 110 kts, max speed of 120 kts and a max range of 276 nautical miles. It couldn’t have made the trip without refueling so a flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia would have taken the better part of 12 hours.

    I suspect the nanites newly acquired medical functions were there to give Dr. Warren a reason to object to turning them off thus generating a confrontation with Rachel.

    • Tom Snively says:


      Thanks again for the voice feedback!

      Did we hear about Georgia spies inside the Monroe Republic? I don’t remember hearing that at all.

      Just thinking best case: Alec had a radio. Maybe the rest of Alec’s team had another pendant and radio, and they transmitted to Monroe that Georgia did not surrender…


      • Kyle Pope says:

        You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoy it.

        As two combatant nations it is reasonable to assume they each have spies in the other’s territory. I expect all the nations are spying on one another to include Mexico and Canada.

        While Alec had a radio I doubt Monroe would have committed 4 pendants to this mission unless the pendants have now become disposable. It’s possible since Randall promised Monroe more pendants. Even today such special ops teams usually only carry one radio given the weight of everything else they have to carry. Besides, Monroe only dropped flyers on Georgia. He didn’t send a radio equipped envoy to the president.

        • Rob Kearney says:

          Where are you getting your info on how many radios “special ops teams” carry? Every man in an SF team has a radio for line of sight communications and each team has at least two radios with the each 18E in each 12 man ODA. When I was in Iraq I had three radios, two mounted in my humvee, and one Motorola radio for short distance commo. I also had a Sat Phone for calling out TOC (Tactical Operations Center) which was well out of radio range.

          • Kyle Pope says:

            Is it your contention that every man in a special ops team is hauling a man pack radio (AN/PRC-117 or the like) for communications with base in addition to back up radios and satcomm? An individually issued radio for communication within the team is pretty much de rigueur these days but not everybody needs a direct line to the White House situation room.

  2. Kyle Pope says:

    If Danny was dependent on the nanites to keep him alive how did he survive with a pendant in the house? What do the pendants do to the nanites to allow power to flow? If the pendants suppress nanite action then neither Danny nor Beth could get within 10 feet of one.

    • Tom Snively says:

      That’s another good point. We don’t yet know how the pendants work with respect to the nanites. Beth had cancer, so if the nanites were temporarily disabled by a pendant, she would not instantly die…


    • Benjamin W says:

      I suspect it’s just the beginning of the deus ex machina we are going to be seeing where the nanites can do everything and anything except when the plot demands that they don’t.

  3. Kyle Pope says:

    It appears Revolution has been renewed. Various sites are reporting that NBC has ordered a second season.

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