017 Revolution Fan Podcast – Initial Reaction to The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

S01E14-The-Night-The-Lights-Went-Out-In-Georgia-InitialIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom gives his initial reaction to Revolution season 1, episode 14, The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia. The full episode with Jenn, Shelley and Rob will be recorded and released later this week.

Tom really liked the episode.

Tom talked about the Spontaneous Combustion scene and how it made a little more sense (just a little!) after we find out out Dr. Warren and her device.

It was cool to find out that the capsule inside Danny had nanites in it, and that they were keeping him alive. They were fighting Beth’s stage 4 cancer for 14 years.podcast-150x150

They didn’t waste any time letting us know that they found out that Monroe sent the bomb to Atlanta. They also got to Georgia in a big hurry!

It was great to get some more Miles backstory this episode.

Well, that’s it for this short “initial reaction” episode. Stay tuned for our full episode later this week.

We’d like your feedback for this week’s episode that we can read/play and respond to in our full episode coming out later this week. Call and leave a voicemail at:

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or email revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com. Follow on Twitter at @RevFanPodcast.

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4 Responses to 017 Revolution Fan Podcast – Initial Reaction to The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia

  1. Gizzi1213 says:

    Dr warren actually says that her partner is in her 16 th year of stage 4 cancer, so the nanites had to be implanted prior to the blackout.

    • Tom Snively says:

      Thanks Gizzi. I rewatched the episode last night and caught that. That does make more sense. I will mention this on the full show we are recording tomorrow.


  2. Kyle Pope says:

    Why is Dr. Warren worried about Rachel deactivating the nanites at the Tower and killing her partner? She has already demonstrated an ability to control the nanites locally when she roasted the two militiamen attacking Rachel and Aaron. Why can’t she just use that device of hers to keep the nanites inside Beth activated? She developed the nanites. She should know this is an option.

    • Tom Snively says:

      Another good point. Eric Kripke did say finding out about the cause of the blackout will create new questions. We’re starting to get those!


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