014 Revolution Fan Podcast – Ghosts

S01E12-GhostsIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Rob talk about Revolution season 1, episode 12, Ghosts. Shelley gives her trip report from WonderCon in Anaheim, we update Questions & Answers and Kill Count.

Rob introduced himself regarding his interests in science fiction and fantasy.

Tom gave his theory about blinking capsule that Rachel took out of Danny as possibly being a “kill chip” that Randall can activate remotely to kill the people on their teams or their families. We reviewed the Danny medical history from episode 7 with Danny’s blood vessel problems and the surgery 1 year before the blackout in last week’s episode.

podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)The NBC Footnote for this episode was another Aaron’s Journal Entry called “What Rachel Knows.” Aaron talks about how Rachel and Ben never said anything when the topic of the blackout came up in the cul-de-sac. This lead to an interesting discussion of trust building in communities, and how and when most of the people died in the first week, year, and 15 years after the blackout.

We then talked about the locations for this episode from the NBC Interactive Map. This led to a discussion of the very nice community they build in Culpepper, Virginia, and how we suspect the Georgia Republic may be even “nicer” than Culpepper.

In this week’s Revolution Revealed, they try to allow us to get into the heads of Charlie, Randall, Miles, and Rachel with what they are going through now. We broke into a discussion of how many acids Rachel had to mix together to destroy a USB flash drive. We then speculated briefly about the science fiction of using a flash drive in a pendant. That lead to how we will learn how a team of physicists OKed what caused the blackout as plausible.

Shelley talked about her trip to WonderCon that she described in blog entries here in part one and part two. We talked about Miles’ past romantic relationships. We are going to meet his first love in an upcoming episode. There will also be flashbacks to 17-year-old Miles and Monroe, and how Monroe covets whatever Miles has. This lead to a discussion about pregnancy and infant mortality post-blackout, and even to birth control. We also had a discussion about whether the ratings were important to the writers, or do they just care about telling a good story.

Shelley got invited into the press room, and was able to interact with Billy Burke (Miles), Tracy Spiridakos (Charlie), Elizabeth Mitchell (Rachel), Daniella Alonso (Nora), David Lyons (Monroe), Tim Guinee (Ben), and David Rambo (co-executive producer and writer) at round tables with 4 other members of the press.

We had another about discussion about Elizabeth Mitchell and her character Rachel and where she really is. Is she on our side? But Randall seems to love manipulating people and would always take the opportunity to do it.

In our discussion of  Ghosts, we covered:

  • How we felt about Rachel destroying the pendants.
  • The Nora/Miles relationship – how they held hands at the end. Are they fully together?
  • One more discussion of the possible Miles / Rachel relationship
  • Shelley said that at WonderCon, they talked about episodes 13, 20 and 22 being big in terms of large revelations. It seemed 20 was going to be the season finale airing on Memorial Day (May 27th), but Shelley said episode 22 will be the season finale.
  • In Scientific Revolution, we talked again about the danger in mixing a bunch of compounds haphazardly.
  • In Kill Count, Tom reviewed the number of kills from episodes 8. 9. 10 and this episode, with a total for all 12 episodes.
  • We talked about Randall on the night of the blackout, and rushing the weapon when Ben and Rachel wanted additional months for testing.
  • We talked about the questions that were answered this week from the Questions and Answers page. This led to a discussion about how the series of events you think will never happen eventually happen sometime.
  • We talked once more about episode titles.

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3 Responses to 014 Revolution Fan Podcast – Ghosts

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    This episode has me concerned. There are cues in it that suggest this show may be taking a turn towards soap opera. The not so subtle hints that Miles and Rachel may have had an illicit affair point to the possibility of the show’s next big revelation being that Danny and/or Charlie are actually Miles’ children. If that happens then you can stick a fork in this show because it will be done.

    What is Randall thinking? Is Revolution invoking the tired cliche of giving an insane man power in the mistaken belief that he will be easy to control? Monroe isn’t letting that “head up your own ass” line pass. Monroe is planning to take everything Randall has and then kill him. How many times has this scenario been played out in both fiction and history? If Randall doesn’t see this coming he is not as smart as the show wants us to believe he is.

    So much for the California Commonwealth being populated by murderous heathens. They have a governor and Randall considered them for a possible alliance. Usually when a dictatorship paints a horrific picture of another country it’s because they don’t want their own citizens thinking there might be better places to live. Look at how North Korea paints the rest of the world. Maybe all those diplomatic envoys didn’t come back because they didn’t want to. Once clear of the Republic they dumped their uniforms and allegiances and took up permanent residence.

    I’m glad to see the Monroe Militia kill squads are taking their cues from modern military forces. Someone has been reading the fora. The kill squads have modern weaponry, modern uniforms and, more importantly, packs. I hope this means the whole Civil War recreation is being dropped. So far no one has complained of shortages of either modern firepower or ammunition. I hope this is the case because if we start delving into the war between the Monroe Republic and its neighbors the whole 19th century style of warfare is going to get very old, very fast.

    If you’re going to have people fighting with swords you’re going to have to make up your mind as to whether sword fighting is a brutal, bloody affair involving impaling, dismemberment and disemboweling or the clean Hollywood style of fencing popularized by Errol Flynn and Douglas Fairbanks of the classic swashbucklers. You’ve got blood flying all over the place yet barely a drop soils our heroes.

    If you’re going to hide behind an alias try to pick one that isn’t famous. Henry Bemis? I guess it has been a long time since anyone saw an episode of “The Twilight Zone” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_Enough_at_Last). However, that is not a chance you can take in this world. He may as well have tried to live under the alias Romeo Montague or Sherlock Holmes. I guess the writers are just having fun.

    Sophie was rather quick to leave Jim just because he lied to her about his name. If this was the old world she might have reason to think about it but this is a new world where the term used to describe young women alone is “prey”. If you can’t protect yourself you need someone to do it for you. Besides, I strongly doubt Jim is the only person to take advantage of the new world to get a fresh start. I expect anyone who was around when the Blackout occurred and survived to this point probably did a few things they’re not proud of. He’s been a good man to her and he clearly can protect her. She needs to cut him some slack. At the very least hear him out. But alas, the plot need Jim to be the rebels’ Baron Von Steuben (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Wilhelm_von_Steuben) so Sophie had to go away.

    I’m looking forward to hearing Rachel’s explanation for how the power went off and how well it comports with actual physics. Given how well researched everything else in this show has been so far I have a difficult time believing this show’s creators in their claim that their explanation makes sense. Honest! At least they’re not going to string that little mystery out any further.

    I’ll hang on to this show for the chance to see what the world looks like beyond Monroe’s borders. Now that the narrative has expanded beyond “Let’s get Danny back” I’d like to see where they take it though I do have a problem with the creators’ “Game of Thrones” comparisons. I would like to see them do their own creative work for a change.

  2. Tom Snively says:

    I think I (Tom) have always felt this show was going to be a little soap opera-ey. We’ve touched on our podcast briefly about the possibility of Charlie or Danny actually being Miles’s children. We’ll see…

    I don’t think Randall has to be concerned, at this point, about Monore killing him. Randall has way too much information at this time.

    It’s a really good point that it would be very bloody after swordfights like this.

    I did not recognize “Henry Bemis” from Twilight Zone, but yes, I think someone in Culpepper would know that character.


  3. Kyle Pope says:

    This show has opened up too many interesting story possibilities to introduce the old Springer-esque standby of sexual betrayal and illegitimate children. Ben is dead. Danny is dead. The world is in ruins and a madman is rising to power. The last thing anyone is going to be interested in is Charlie’s parentage. This show doesn’t need to waste screen time on squabbles between Rachel, Charlie and Miles over who did what to whom and why.

    You’re assuming Monroe is rational. He isn’t. Monroe is used to people cowering before him and he likes it that way. Randall just made it clear that whatever power Monroe acquires he will owe to him. As easily as Randall can give the world to Monroe he can take it away and give it to someone else. Imagine what Monroe’s paranoia will do with that.

    Everybody thinks swords are cool until they see one used. A sword is just an oversized knife and nobody romanticizes knife fights.

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