013 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Stand

S01E11-The-StandIn this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley talk about Revolution season 1, episode 11, The Stand. We update Scientific Revolution and Kill Count, and talk about your feedback.

The NBC Footnote for this episode was one of Aaron’s journal entries called “RIP Danny Matheson.” Aaron says Danny at 10 years old looked like one of the Hanson brothers (MMMBop).

We tangented talking about the character’s eye colors.

We then talked about the distances for this episode from the NBC Interactive Map. We also reviewed the plan where Rpodcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)achel and Miles were going to Dover, DE whereas everyone else was going to Annapolis, MD. There was a little confusion about their use of horse and carriage.

We talked about Rachel’s look when Nora is kissing Miles. Then we speculated about Miles and Rachel’s previous relationship. We will find out soon.

We talked about Enemies of the State, Part 5 where Monroe promotes Neville to Captain and gives him the mission to find Ben Matheson.

We also talked briefly about the ratings, and about the live Tweeting during the episode.

In our discussion of  The Stand, we covered:

  • The viewer discretion warning
  • The balance between action and backstory and other character development
  • Jason leaving the militia and trying to build trust with Charlie
  • The morgue ruse to get past the gate
  • Rachel and Miles both taking “all” the blame
  • We found out one of the people Grace was communicating on her computer (John Sanborn)
  • Randall’s “tower” seems to be the place where he had Grace working on the elevator
  • Neville telling Monroe that Jason was dead
  • We talked about what Eric Kripke said in this week’s Revolution Revealed where we can’t expect all of the lead characters to survive every situation.
  • Rachel retrieving the flashing device out of Danny’s abdomen, and how this related to what Randall assisted with during Danny’s pregnancy, and the surgery at age 1.
  • Danny dying as a hero destroying the helicopters
  • How Rachel knew which helicopter had the amplifier
  • What was Randall trying to do with Monroe. What does he get?

In Scientific Revolution, we talked about scars from baby surgery, asthma and sonic cannons.

In Kill Count, Tom reviewed the number of kills from episodes 4. 5. 6. 7 and this episode.

We talked about what is coming soon. Are they going to split up again?

We talked about Shelley’s upcoming trip to WonderCon which will include a Revolution panel. Shelley’s Twitter is @shelleyann72

We read some tweet feedback from the hour immediately after the episode aired. Many people were upset that Danny died, especially after spending 10 episodes trying to rescue him.

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3 Responses to 013 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Stand

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    Revolution’s back and it seems they’ve been reading the feedback the show has been generating. There’s a definite change in tone and direction of the show and this is a good thing. However, old problems persist in terms of storytelling.

    For a pilot who has not flown a helicopter in 15+ years he was very good. Too good. Low level maneuvering and accurate weapons placement are perishable skills. People today who do this daily still die in training accidents.

    How did those FFARs (Folding Fin Aerial Rockets) still work after 15+ years? Solid propellants break down and crack over time.

    Walk-in freezers are insulated against heat, not blast. And a freezer in a diner is not going to be as heavily constructed as one in a large food processing facility. The diner was hit with two 70mm FFARs that gutted the structure. The freezer would not have kept out the blast overpressure. Along with guns, explosions are something else Hollywood never gets right.

    Time over distance is continuing to be a problem. The people of this world are reduced to traveling by horse or on foot over a decayed infrastructure and yet they’re covering large distances in times appropriate for driving rather than walking. This episode had the Revolution crew moving around a three state area like they had wings.

    You’d think with WWII, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan in our history that the writers of this show would know how insurgent and resistance groups operate. The partisans, Viet Cong, Iraqi and Afghan insurgents faced far more daunting odds than Revolution’s rebels face and they brought a power far superior to the Monroe Militia to its knees with IEDs, hit and run strikes, ambushes, sabotage, etc. Rebel groups do not operate from fixed bases. Mobility is life in that line of warfare. Set piece battles and last stands are not an option for insurgents. There would be no targets for Monroe’s choppers to hit. No rebel would know the location of any base but their own and that would change within days. We had far more than two choppers in Vietnam and the NVA and VC were taking them out with weapons as small as AK-47s. Proper rebels would have multiple bases of operation and would have immediately abandoned any threatened installation for a safe house.

    It’s interesting how Sanborne tinkers together weapons in his basement that are exact copies of existing military weapons right down to all the appropriate markings. The weapon they grab to use against the choppers is an M136 AT4 anti-armor recoilless launcher. It is not guided. It is the latest iteration of the old bazooka. The weapon does not use electricity. It is strictly mechanical and chemical in operation so it did not need a pendant. The projectile simply flies in a straight line until it hits something. I’m sure there are a lot of people in the audience who have handled and fired an AT4 in training or combat.

    How did Danny figure out how to fire an AT4 (http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/AT4/m13-at4-operation.shtml) in less than two seconds? The weapon has three separate safety systems (http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/AT4/m13-at4-firing-mechanism-safeties-weapon-function.shtml) that have to be disengaged before the weapon can fire. Miles probably disengaged the first two but the third has to be held to engage the firing pin. Not only did he figure out the third safety, he hit an airborne helicopter hovering about a hundred yards out dead center. Not bad for firing a weapon you only just laid eyes on less than a minute ago.

    Why would the second helicopter go down after the first was destroyed? A Huey doesn’t need electricity to stay in the air. The Huey is a combat aircraft. It’s designed to get shot at, lose systems and remain operational so long as the vitals aren’t hit. Plenty of Hueys in Vietnam made it back to base with their electrical systems shot out. Gas turbine engines don’t need electricity to run. The flight controls are purely mechanical. Back up instrumentation is pneumatic. All the second helicopter lost was radio communication, electrically driven instrumentation and lighting. Power, flight control and weapons systems were all unaffected. That bird could still fly and fight.

    I’m glad modern weapons are back in force. The Civil War era musketry is hard to swallow. And ammunition didn’t appear to be in short supply for that battle. Full auto was used with abandon.

    I hope someone was smart enough to search the wreckage of the helicopter to retrieve the pendant or at least confirm its destruction. Miles mentioned how tough the things were so it might have survived intact.

    So we spend 10 episodes hunting Danny down at the cost of numerous lives only to have him commit suicide. Standing triumphantly in the open on a battlefield that’s still active is a bad plan.

    What’s powering that device Rachel carved out of Danny? Does this mean that the pendants aren’t necessary to restoring electricity?

    Assuming Randall is based out of FermiLab how did he drive a Cutlass Ciera to Philadelphia from Chicago? Where and how did he refuel? What did he use for fuel? Automotive gasoline has a shelf life of less than a year. What did he drive on? The Cutlass Ciera is not an off road vehicle and the highways in this world would be impassible.

    Well the Revolution creative staff have learned a few things but they still have some way to go. I’ll be interested to see the Georgia Federation and Plains Nation and how they are depicted. I can’t imagine them being more badly run than the Monroe Republic.

    And I’m still waiting for my MIT zeppelins.

  2. Tom Snively says:

    Great points. I mentioned the pilot maneuvering and cleared roads in our episode.

    Now that we’ve seen episode 12 we have a couple of things. Miles is going to lead the rebels, so the strategies should be better. And it did look like Aaron / Rachel had 2 pendants, so they did get the one from the chopper.


    • Kyle Pope says:

      I’m not sure Miles is leading the rebels yet. There’s a lot of bad blood that he has to clean up first before he can even begin to start earning their trust. However his strategy for the rebels is wrong. Taking on Monroe in his stronghold will only get the rebels killed and their movement destroyed.

      This kind of fight is long and slow. David may have taken down Goliath in one shot but the real world doesn’t work that way. Anyone familiar with Sun Tzu knows how you fight this war. The rebels have to become a major thorn in Monroe’s side without ever exposing themselves to counterattack. The rebels need to be using sabotage, ambush, subversion, assassination, etc. This is what the Viet Cong did to us. It’s what the Taliban is doing to us now. Rebels have to attack where Monroe is weak and that isn’t Philadelphia. Start hitting and raiding outposts and way stations. Disrupt his lines of supply and communications. Kill his officers. Spread terror among his troops. An army can only take so much of this before it starts breaking down. We know this from history.

      Monroe is insane. He will certainly start over-reacting to the rebel strategy. Reprisals against entire towns based on mere suspicion. Torture of innocent citizens in a quest for intelligence. Actions sure to generate sympathy for the rebels amidst the populace. Read your Ho Chi Minh. That’s what he did. This war will be a long, hard slog lasting decades but the rebels will be victorious. I would like to hope the writers of this show did some basic research into the conduct of insurgent and guerrilla warfare but they’ve yet to show the capacity for research into anything yet.

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