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podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn and Shelley get you ready for Revolution’s return on March 25th by reviewing what happened in the first 10 episodes, talk about the things the official NBC Revolution folks have put out over this 4-month hiatus, introduce a new segment called “Kill Count,” and review some things from our first couple of episodes.

Since it’s been over 3 1/2 months since episode 10, so we reviewed what happened in the first 10 episodes. This video, called “Catch Up With Revoluion” you can review everything that happened so far and where they left us:

The main plots of the first 10 episodes:

  • Blackout
  • Militia tries to arrest Ben, Danny kills a militia guy, Ben gets killed, militia arrests Danny, and the 10 episodes are about trying to rescue Danny
  • They find Nora, who joins them. She is good at blowing things up
  • Jason, Neville’s son, is in the militia but saved Charlie numerous times
  • Ben gave Aaron a pendant that allows electricity to work in a small region
  • Randall, originally part of the Department of Defense, kidnapped Grace. He can control a lot of electricity and knows a lot more than we do at this point
  • Rachel turned herself in to Miles, and is still being held captive by Monroe. She tells Monroe about the pendants and builds an amplifier that extends electicity for about half a mile
  • Miles and Monroe started the militia, but after some years, Monroe got out of control power-happy, and Miles tried to kill Monroe. He couldn’t pull the trigger and left the militia
  • Miles, Charlie, Nora and Aaron are able to rescue Danny and Rachel
  • Miles and Monroe stand off, but neither is able to kill the other
  • Monroe orders a helicopter to shoot the 6 of them. This is where they left us

The NBC Footnotes is a newspaper article called The Open Eye.

NBC Revolution put out an animated web series Wheatley’s Letters. These are 6 episodes about 2 minutes each that shared the Wheatley’s Letters Footnote from episode 9.

NBC Revolution put out a new live-action web series called Enemies of the State mostly featuring Neville. It takes place 11 years after the blackout, right after Miles attempted and failed to kill Monroe.

We played a 30-second Sneak Peek called Taking Back the Power that teases “one won’t make it out alive.” We talked about how it is like Episode 4 when Maggie died, and how Tom and Shelley thought it would be Danny who dies.

We talked about PaleyFest and other convesntions where Revolution actors, producers, and writers interact with each other, tell a little about what’s to come, and answer audience questions. Shelley watched the PaleyFest panel, and Tom talked about articles that covered it. We talked about a couple of minor spoilers about what’s coming up in the next 10 episodes. Shelley will be attending a few conferences this year where there will be Revolution panel.

NBC put up a video of the first minute of the next episode. Wow!

We also mentioned that they put out the Pilot episode with commentary from Eric Kripke and Jon Favreau.

We introduced a new segment called Kill Count. Tom went through the first 3 episodes to see how many people each of the main cast characaters killed on screen in each episode. We will keep a list of each episode with a running total.

We then played 3 clips from our first couple of articles. We do care about the characters and want to see what happened to them. We reviewed Jason, and how committed he is to the militia.

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