009 Revolution Fan Podcast – Ties That Bind

In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Stephen talk about Revolution season 1, episode 8, Ties That Bind. We talk about an interesting Revolution hypothetical situation, and we read and talk about your feedback.

Tom gave an update on the Official NBC materials for this episode: the Interactive MapFootnotes, and Revolution Revealed. The Footnotes revealed how old Miles and Nora are, and how the reward 25 pounds of gold for turning in Miles alive.

In our discussion of Ties That Bind, we covered:

podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)

  • Our overall thoughts on the episode
  • Aaron and his development
  • Whether we trusted or was suspicious of Mia during the episode
  • The internal militia politics / back stabbing with Neville and Colonel Faber and their sons
  • Neville’s wife Julia, and her motivations, wanting to overthrow Monroe
  • Star Wars and Lord of the Rings references
  • Randall’s computer monitors, and the cool map of the US with the location of 7 active pendants
  • Randall’s large room, and how it looks like a particle accelerator like Fermilab
  • A little bit about the Miles / Nora relationship
  • Mia’s actions and whether they make sense from her point of view
  • the Miles / Strausser scene near the end of the episode
  • how they were able to jump into the river and get across, when guns are pointing at them

Tom asked the group about what it would have been like if the blackout happened for only 5 minutes, instead of 15+ years. Many people would have died in hospitals and planes. If the power comes back, we’d be able to realize how widespread the effect was. However, the whole “system” would not shut down. They would try to investigate to figure out what caused it, and possibly punish those who was responsible.

Even after 7 days, things might return to normal. Shelley thinks 30 days is the amount of time before the system shuts down.

We went quickly through the questions on our QA page to see if any questions were answered in this episode, and what the new questions are.

We talked about the preview for next week’s episode featuring the music of Led Zeppelin. We are looking for some Monroe flashbacks. Tom thinks the Miles and Monroe reunion will be in episode 10, which would be a good spot for Miles and Monroe flashbacks. After finishing the recording, Tom came up with the possibility that if might be a Grace-centered episode with Grace flashbacks.

We read feedback from Kyle Pope where he shared an interesting Web TV pilot called Powerless. Here are links to the trailer and the whole pilot episode.

We read an email from Bill Bailey about The Children’s Crusade from last week.

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3 Responses to 009 Revolution Fan Podcast – Ties That Bind

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    The pilot for “Powerless” was a submission to the New York Television Festival (NYTVF) whose website is here: (http://www.nytvf.com/). “Powerless” was a creation of a production group calling itself Dinosaur Diorama (http://www.dinosaurdiorama.com/Dinosaur_Diorama/Dinosaur_Diorama_Home.html) and submitted to NYTVF for consideration as a possible TV series. It was reported that the pilot had been seen by low level executives at NBC but it didn’t go anywhere (http://readitordont.tumblr.com/post/30868243507/jj-abrams-revolution-and-dinosaur-dioramas) shortly afterward “Revolution” was announced.

    I’m sure lawyers are involved deciding who, if anybody, stole what, if anything.

    • Tom Snively says:

      Thanks, Kyle for the correction! I should have tried to figure out what NYTVF was. I did see Dinosaur Diorama in the closing credits of the pilot but I saw it after we had recorded our show.


  2. Kyle Pope says:

    This was a lot of drama for such a simple problem. Overcome a natural obstacle by crossing the Allegheny River. That’s it. There are hundreds of ways to do this as this is one of mankind’s oldest problems. The bridge idea should have been out from the word go. Charlie and company knew that Jason would have told the militia everything about them from their names, objective, route of travel and that the “fat guy” had the pendant. Or at least they should have. The militia was to be avoided at all costs now since they were fully alerted to the group.

    The focus of this episode was Nora, Mia and the concept of family. In the end we learned nothing really new about Nora. The status quo was maintained as far as the Charlie and company are concerned. And the absolute worst thing that could have happened occurred due to Aaron, once again, carrying the Idiot Ball (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/IdiotBall). The group needs to cross the river so they attempt to bribe their way across a militia controlled bridge. What could possibly go wrong? Things went sideways faster than normal for this group. A sociopathic midboss named Sergeant Strausser is waiting for them forcing our heroes to come up with a Plan B. Before they could get clear Strausser plays his trump card, Nora’s sister Mia. Naturally no one asks how Strausser knew about Mia. Nora never brought up having a sister to anyone in the group while we were watching. The only way the militia would know Nora and Mia were sisters was if Mia told them. If any of the group had simply considered this then Mia’s betrayal (not that she was ever on their side to begin with) would not have been a surprise.

    Nora is certainly good at blowing things up. It appears she routinely walks around with hundreds of pounds of high explosives, fuses and detonators on her at all times. Where the hell is she keeping it?

    This must have been a high priority mission for Monroe as Strausser’s force was armed with state of the art weapons. Problem is while his troops were carrying automatic rifles, they weren’t wearing ammo belts to carry extra magazines for them. Each rifle had a 30 round box and they were firing on full auto. It takes an M16 approximately 4 seconds to go through 30 rounds on full auto. Reloads would have been handy.

    It’s amazing how easily Miles beat the living snot out of the one man in the militia who ever scared him. As I said, midboss.

    M16s don’t click when they’re empty. The bolt locks back after the last round to facilitate reloading, blocking the hammer from falling. Hollywood never gets guns right. And how does Miles, a former marine, not recognize that he’s holding an empty weapon?

    All of this, however means nothing in the face of this episode’s biggest problem: Aaron. He had one mission from the first episode on: protect the pendant. Ben gave him a simple set of instructions. Hide it. Keep it safe. Don’t tell anyone he has it. By the second episode he had violated every one of these rules. It was like he couldn’t wait to tell Maggie about it before he even knew what it was. In Grace’s house he left it sitting on a table and walked away from it. He flashed it in front of a militia spy. Even gave Jason a chance to handle it so he could get a good look at it. A kid was able to steal it from his backpack. If the kid was just a little stealthier Aaron would never have known it was gone. So was it any surprise when the inevitable happened? Aaron has been telegraphing his eventual loss of the pendant since day one. And when it finally happens what does Aaron have to say for himself? He just handed the world to Monroe on a silver platter and he makes a joke. He has the gall to get indignant when the magnitude of his idiocy is pointed out to him. He threatens Miles who is justifiably angry. Are we supposed to sympathize with Aaron? It’s not like he fought to defend the pendant and had it torn away from him despite valiant resistance. He lost it through carelessness and ineptitude. How is he supposed to make up for this? Without the pendant Aaron has no purpose anymore and his presence is of no benefit to the group. Quite the contrary, he’s a liability now. Were I there Aaron would be floating down the Allegheny desperately trying to hold his intestines in. Hopefully he’ll do for Charlie and company what he did for his wife. I really don’t like Aaron.

    Consider me an official member of Team Randall. Finally someone has shown up on this show who’s actually competent. I’d happily give up on Charlie and company to spend full time following what Randall is up to. He has electric power. He can track the pendants and may be able to control them. That would certainly explain the random activation of Aaron’s pendant. He’s based in what must certainly be the apparatus that has shut down the world’s electricity. Right now Randall is the most powerful and most interesting character on the show. He’s shut down electricity worldwide for 15 years. What is he trying to accomplish that requires that kind of timetable?

    Rachel said there were 12 pendants. Randall’s map only shows 7 in the former US. Assuming Randall’s and Grace’s pendants are not being shown (the map doesn’t show two pendants in the same location) then 3 pendants are unaccounted for. Where are they? And it’s interesting that Randall’s tracking map uses the post-Blackout borders of the new states. Once again a more interesting story than the one we’re being told.

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