008 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Children’s Crusade

In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Stephen talk about Revolution season 1, episode 7, The Children’s Crusade. We follow up on some items from last week, we have Scientific Revolution, and we read and talk about your feedback.

Tom talked about the Ohio locations on the NBC Revolution Interactive Map for this episode. Tom read excerpts from NBC Revolution’s Footnotes, which this week was a story called The Tale of Charlie and Miserable Miles.

In our discussion of The Children’s Crusade, we covered:

podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)

  • Miles’s behavior, feeling responsible for the orphaned children
  • The way the Militia grabbed children and turned them into soldiers
  • Ben, Rachel, Grace, and Dr. Jaffe’s start-up business, and their invention
  • How the invention worked, and how the pendants are opposite of their invention
  • Rachel and her actions, 3 years before the blackout and at the present time about protecting Danny
  • Her motivations, cooperating with the Monroe and the Militia
  • How Sgt Strausser has already appeared in 3 episodes
  • Charlie getting branded, and the editor’s use of the opening scene
  • Aaron’s great lines during the episode
  • Aaron and the children in the lighthouse, and the pendant turning itself on again
  • D.O.D. Secretary Flynn / Randall and the weaponization of Ben’s invention

We talked about the preview for next week’s episode with Strausser and Nora’s sister, and about Aaron misplacing the pendant.

In this week’s Scientific Revolution, Stephen talked about Faraday Cages and Jenn talked about Tesla’s work on wireless electricity.

We continued looking up the episode titles to see if they had a song title link.

We read feedback from Jim Miller at The Revolution Blog, from Cooper at the Hugmented podcast, and from Audrey from Texas.

We speculate about whether Rachel and Danny will be with Miles and Charlie in episodes 11 through 22. We also speculated about Jason and whether he is going to leave the militia.

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4 Responses to 008 Revolution Fan Podcast – The Children’s Crusade

  1. Kyle Pope says:

    Didn’t we just do this? Another Charlie infiltration mission goes bad. Another timely rescue by Miles. The flashbacks were the most interesting and informative parts of this episode. The main plot however is just a repackaging of the last episode. I guess if the formula works…

    The plot hole problem looms as large as ever in this episode. Charlie and company come across a group of orphaned children whose leader has been taken by the militia. For a group of children who have been orphaned and on their own for years in a post-apocalyptic environment they are remarkably clean, healthy, well fed, well dressed and well groomed. We know what orphaned children left to survive on their own look like. There are plenty of them in our modern world. Their plight is heartbreaking.

    Aaron has realized the value of the pendant he’s been entrusted with. He’s seen its power and knows it is key to restoring the world to its former state. Something this powerful has to be protected like nothing else. He calls it “the most important thing in the world”. So naturally Aaron has it stolen from him by a kid. Maybe his leaving Priscilla was the best plan for her. You’d think Aaron would take a hint from the fact that it’s a necklace and start wearing it around his neck.

    Rachel is shocked, shocked to discover that the militia would be willing to torture Dr. Jaffe’s daughter to get him to talk. Never mind that Monroe had threatened her with the exact same thing. Torture is Monroe’s modus operandi. One day she’ll figure that out.

    The NBC Interactive Map says this episode takes place in Martins Ferry, Ohio. What is a lighthouse doing in Martins Ferry, Ohio? There isn’t a lighthouse in Martins Ferry, Ohio. All of Ohio’s lighthouses are on Lake Erie where they belong. There’s no reason for a lighthouse to be anywhere else since they serve as navigational aids for shipping. You don’t need a lighthouse on a river miles away from Lake Erie.

    How did the pendant start the lighthouse generator? The pendant simply restores the flow of electricity locally. At least that’s all it has done so far. In the lighthouse though the diesel generator fires up with the pendant. A diesel generator that has been sitting idle for 15 years without maintenance or refueling. How would it even still work? And starting such an engine isn’t like starting a car where you just get in and turn the key. There’s a checklist and a procedure. Simply restoring electricity isn’t enough. And if you accept that the pendant can start diesel engines remotely, why did the engine shut down after the pendant went dark? Diesels don’t need electricity. Even without generating current for the light the engine would have kept running until it was shut down or exhausted its fuel supply. It has become obvious that this show is simply substituting electricity for magic.

    Perhaps one of the cheapest tricks in writing is “deus ex machina” or “god out of the machine”. The writer plots themselves into a corner and evokes a timely miracle to save the day rather than have the solution flow naturally and logically from the characters’ actions. This episode clearly demonstrates why deus ex machina is to be avoided at all costs. The show so far has established that Charlie is really bad at infiltration. Her Plan B seems to be to depend on Miles to sweep in and do what he had originally insisted was impossible and pull her chestnuts out of the fire. They would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for those meddling kids. (Sorry. Had to do it.) It seems Michael, like most kids his age, believes himself to be invincible and indestructible and saw himself as the hero in this scenario. Naturally he ends up with a militia blade at his throat thus forcing the surrender of Charlie and company. Game over. Or it would have been if Aaron’s pendant hadn’t decided to invoke a miracle at the right time.

    Pendant: “Hey Aaron! Seems we fired up that generator just in the nick of time. What does that make us?”
    Aaron: “Big Damn Heroes, Pendant!”
    Pendant: “Ain’t we just!”
    (Sorry. Had to do that, too.)

    For two episodes now progression of the main plot has ground to a halt. Charlie and company are running around doing fetch quests while flashbacks fill us in what happened regarding the Blackout. The creators seem to be banking on the audience to find the question of the Blackout and its cause compelling enough to keep coming back every week. If that is the case it would be better if they just dumped the side stories completely and set the entire episode in the past if they want to tell us about the Blackout because Charlie and company have been reduced to interruptions of a far more interesting storyline.

    This show is falling flat in its execution as we have drifted into formula instead of storytelling. I can understand why it’s going on hiatus. I wouldn’t be surprised if it returned with an entirely new creative team providing it returns at all.

  2. Kyle Pope says:

    This is interesting:


    Looks like someone already had this idea and a better approach to it.

  3. Kyle Pope says:

    Found the entire pilot:


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