002 Revolution Fan Podcast – Pilot

podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)In this episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Stephen talk about the Revolution Pilot – season 1, episode 1. We are read feedback from our first episode.

We read an email from Basilio Sidoti, a tweet from @RevolutionSciFi on Twitter whose Facebook fan site is Revolution (TV Series), and a comment from Captain Paco who saw our YouTube page from the fan site RevoutionTVShow.com.

We’d love your feedback. Please comment in the comment section below, or email to revolutionfanpodcast@gmail.com

You can also leave a voicemail at:

  • (234) 738-3265
  • (234) REV-FAN5

We talked about the #PoweredByThePeople contest where NBC premiered the Revolution Pilot in 10 citites, and the projectors were powered by people riding bicycles.

We talked in depth about the pilot, including these topics:

  • walking across the country
  • the dangers of being in a city at the time of the blackout, and living in a city 15 years after the blackout
  • whether Ben and Grace worked together before the blackout
  • how Rachel knew about the possibility of a blackout
  • Monroe returning to base without his ID
  • Possibilities of Ben and Miles during the 15 years
  • Possibilities of Monroe and Miles during the 15 years
  • a discussion about Maggie
  • the possibility of a republic census
  • a discussion about Nate
  • a discussion about Aaron
  • how they acquired their new-looking clothes, alcohol, and candles
  • Grace’s attic door with lots of locks – maybe not the best way to keep something a secret
  • what kind of communication did Grace use to chat with her compatriate
  • whether any of the characters are, at this point, trustworthy
  • the Sebastian “Bass” Monroe reveal as General Monroe that Shelley let us know about in episode 1

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11 Responses to 002 Revolution Fan Podcast – Pilot

  1. Nasty Butler says:

    I really enjoyed your 1st 2 podcasts. It was just what I was looking for. Keep it up!

    • jively says:

      Thanks! We’ll be plugging along each week now. I think we’re recording Thursday next week. (In October we’ll be able to record on Tuesdays.)


  2. Kyle says:

    I have some serious issues with the world building in this show. Granted we’re only one episode in but there are major problems with the basic premises of this world.

    First thing is that this show is basically “Hunger Games – The Video Game”. It is clearly not intended to be a serious exploration of survival in a world without electricity. The standard tropes of a video game RPG (Role Playing Game) are all in play here. The game opens with a global world changing catastrophe. Then we skip a head to a time where everyone is used to living under the new paradigm where we meet our heroine. After a brief introduction to her life and world she gets the call to adventure in the form of personal tragedy. Her dying father gives her a mission and a key item. The party is formed with the generic heroine, the healer and the plucky comic relief. While crossing the world map they have a random encounter demonstrating how dangerous the world is and how ill-prepared the party is to deal with it. They reach their first destination where the party picks up the taciturn bad ass who’ll protect the party until everyone levels up enough to protect themselves. Then it’s off to save the world.

    Second, whoever came up with this concept clearly knows nothing of history, technology or the history of technology. The idea that losing electricity would knock us back to feudal serfdom under sword bearing warlords is a preschooler’s view of the world. We know what the United States looked like before electricity. Just watch any western. From 1776 to 1900 we built a nation with global trade, mass production, intercontinental railroads, vibrant cities, etc. without consuming one watt of electricity. Did everybody over the age of 35 and possessing any kind of engineering or technical skill just die off leaving a population of technological infants to fend for themselves? Did the government curl up and die without smartphones and computers to keep it in business? However did Abraham Lincoln manage to govern. There are people living in this country who if electricity disappeared right now wouldn’t notice. The world’s diesel mechanics, steamfitters, maritime engineering officers, hydrologists, et al would within a few years have the world running on steam power, diesel engines, wind turbines and waterwheels, none of which require electricity to function.

    Finally, the absence of modern firearms. In the United States there is approximately one gun for every man, woman and child in the population in addition to billions, if not trillions, of rounds of ammunition. And yet after 15 years there is no evidence of them. The militia is carrying swords, crossbows and flintlock muskets and the only modern weapon is Neville’s pistol. The people left standing after an event such as this will be tough, resilient, resourceful and willing to fight to stay alive since it will be the only way to stay alive. They will have weapons and they will be willing and able to use them. No militia will be be confiscating guns anytime soon. As to the ridiculous proposition that either the guns, ammunition or both were used up in the post apocalypse fighting and no one can make more without electricity I suggest you read a book. Colt, Winchester, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Enfield, etc. turned out enough weapons to fight the American Civil War and then arm every cowboy and settler in the Old West with all the guns they could carry and all the ammo they could shoot without using electricity. As for the proposition that modern ammunition is just too complex for people to make on their own I suggest you Google “black powder”, “nitrocellulose” and “mercury fulminate”. You can cook them up in your kitchen though I really wouldn’t recommend it. The idea that everyone would be running around with a sword while being fully skilled in its use indicates a creative staff that knows nothing of swords or swordsmanship. A good sword is harder to make than a good gun. It’s not just a sharp piece of metal with a handle on it. Fabricating a sword blade that can stand up to the rigors of combat without breaking or losing its edge requires very advanced metalworking skills that few people outside of a few dedicated hobbyists possess. If you wanted to arm your troops with melee weapons just raid the local hardware store and start handing out machetes, axes, crowbars, sledge hammers and the like. They’re readily available, easier to use and have multiple uses. Swords make absolutely no sense.

    Good science fiction writers consider the full ramifications of the worlds they create for their stories. Unlike fantasy, sci-fi is connected to our world and its rules. We are expected to understand certain things like the idea of leaving your space ship without a space suit is a bad idea. I have seen this post-apocalyptic scenario done right as to be able to enjoy seeing it done wrong. I recommend the original Terry Nation series “Survivors” (not the remake) to see a serious and realistic take on post-apocalyptic survival.

    • jively says:

      Hey Kyle,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      It is true that we had global trade, mass production, and so on before 1900. However, during the 1700s and 1800s, we had a sustainable population that had access to food and water. The population grew slowly in a sustainable way.

      After a blackout where electricity and batteries don’t work, billions of people worldwide would starve. We’d also lose access to life-sustaining medicine and hospitals.

      In developed countries, I’d think 90-98% of people would die within a year. We would go pretty quickly to a different kind of society where survival, and access to water and food would take a large portion of everyone’s day. Ben’s community on the cul-de-sac was probably sustainable, and it allowed for a teacher to teach students about things, but I don’t think they could afford people to go to a local factory to mass produce things.

      Addionally, in this part of the country, the Monroe Repbulic seems to be in charge. If it weren’t in the Republic’s interest, I don’t think they’d allow the building of diesel engines, wind turbines, and so on. Or, they might allow them to be built just for their own purposes. I think it would be difficult for any group of people to create any enterprise to rebuild without the Republic squashing them.

      Now, after viewing of episode 2, Chained Heat, we maybe get the answer about the firearms. Captain Neville said citizens were not allowed to own firearms, by penalty of death. In episode 2, a rebel with a Unites States flag gets caught with a rifle. He was killed as he owned other firearms and the flag. I think many of the firearms may still exist in the rebel hands; we just don’t know that much about the rebels yet.

      I do agree that it is very difficult to forge a good sword, so it is strange to see so many swords after just 15 years. But, in lieu of firearms, swords/bows and arrows/cross-bows may be the only allowable weapons to defend yourself and for hunting.

      I hope you give it another couple of episodes. Feel free to comment again to let us know how it is going for you.


      • Kyle Pope says:

        The difference in this situation is that we would not have to reinvent the Industrial Revolution. The information is already available assuming the militias haven’t burned all the books and destroyed all the libraries. I grant you that the populations of major cities are going to suffer huge losses. Cities like Las Vegas and Los Angeles would have no survivors since they are in the middle of deserts.

        But there are smaller communities across this continent that would be more likely to band together than turn on each other. If that community has a local university specializing in industry and agriculture they would have a tremendous head start in rebuilding themselves. Between the professors, student body and local populace they could use the resources of the school to bring civilization back online. Machine tools don’t need electricity. You can spin the machines with water power, diesel engines or even foot pedals.

        Redeveloping technology and devoting people to producing it will be well worth the effort because farming is backbreaking work. Producing machines that will make the process more productive and efficient is an investment that will pay off with food surpluses that will ensure survival and can be used for trade. After 15 years of this effort you’d have an agricultural and industrial metropolis established and growing.

        The militias are shown to be far more powerful than they should be. The Monroe Militia seems to be a small, poorly armed force that moves around mostly on foot. The United States is a big place. Keeping track of what’s going on in every little nook and cranny will be impossible given the amount of ground they could cover. And it seems odd to me that Neville’s force is on an extended road march hunting down Ben Matheson and yet the soldiers aren’t carrying packs, canteens, mess kits, tents, rain gear, winter clothing or any of the other gear soldiers on the march have been lugging around with them since the first legions marched out of Rome. They have only one wagon and it’s largely empty. Plus Neville’s force is smaller than a modern infantry squad with nowhere near the firepower. A single man with a semiautomatic rifle in a defensible position could shred them with little effort. What makes them so frightening? They don’t strike me as a force capable of stopping anyone determined to defy them in force. So the idea of people quietly handing this ragtag bunch their sole means of feeding and protecting their families in a world that’s gone to hell stretches credibility. The militia certainly didn’t appear to be feeding anyone themselves so giving them your gun would be a death sentence by slow starvation anyway.

        A scene that would knock me out of my chair and win my undying love for this show is to have Charlie, Miles, Neville, et al looking up in awe as a diesel powered zeppelin the size of the Hindenburg and bristling with gatling guns and large bore cannon while bearing the emblem of MIT or other technical university on its side cruises silently overhead towards an unknown destination for an unknown purpose. The idea that someone, somewhere is serious about rebuilding civilization and finding out what they are up to would be far more interesting than trying to figure out the mystery of those USB drives.

        This show, so far, is wasting its premise.

  3. Kyle Pope says:

    This is a photograph on the Revolution website showing a map of the former United Stated and how it’s divided up.


    • jively says:

      That is interesting; thanks! That link is from a fan site, and not the official NBC site. Is the source definitely originally from NBC? It is cool though.

      • Kyle Pope says:

        The person submitting the photo claims to have been working at a hotel where a scene from Revolution was filmed. They say this map was in one of the sets. Take it with a grain of salt but the rest of the site’s content looks legitimate. We’ll have to wait until that episode to see if the map turns up. If it does then we know the new political divisions of the former United States.

  4. Jim Miller says:

    This map photo is great! Thanks for posting a link to it. However, the more I look at the map itself the more questions I have. First is why is it so primitive looking. There should be plenty of high quality US maps lying around to use as a source for a new map showing the new boundaries. I guess the producers of the show wanted the map to look ‘old-school’ to keep with the overall 1800s vibe.

    My second question is what the heck happened to the Missouri River!? It’s northern section seems significantly shifted and it’s southern end no longer joins with the Mississippi. In fact, the courses of a number of major rivers are significantly altered. Given that there would be plenty of old US maps to use as a reference, people should have been able to make a reasonably good map of the river system (something of vital importance to any military). Either the river system in the North American continent has really changed a lot in the last 15 years, or the creators of the show didn’t do their homework.

    • Kyle Pope says:

      It will depend on how well we see the map in the episode it features in but my guess is that we were never intended to see the map in this detail. It may have been a background piece of set dressing.

    • Kyle Pope says:

      An interesting aspect of this map (assuming it’s valid) is that parts of Canada and Mexico have been absorbed by these new entities. The Monroe Republic has subsumed part of New Brunswick, Canada. Both Texas and the California Commonwealth have annex large chunks of Mexico. The map doesn’t extend far enough south to see how much Mexican territory was annexed but Baja California seems to be part of the California Commonwealth.

      And as I am a resident of the Puget Sound region in Washington State in the Revolution world I would be considered a citizen of the California Commonwealth. I hope it’s better run than the Monroe Republic.

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