001 Revolution Fan Podcast – Introduction to Revolution Fan Podcast

podcast-150x150.jpg (150×150)In this first episode of Revolution Fan Podcast, Tom, Jenn, Shelley and Stephen introduce themselves, and talk about what we know about the NBC show Revolution. We talk about the characters and actors, and what it would be like in a blackout that never ends.

There is a good discussion of the title, “Revolution,” and what it means.

Here is the link to Revolution Extended Preview.

There is a good discussion of the USB device, the power going out in a wave, and the airplane spinning and falling.

Here is the link to the NBC page with the cast information. Shelley makes a great catch letting us know that David Lyons (General Monroe) was in the car with Miles Matheson when the power went out.

Jenn, Shelley and Stephen talk about Charlie and whether her background suits her for her task. We also talk about what it would be like without electricity and batteries. The blackout Tom mentioned was the Northeast blackout of 2003, the 2nd most widespread blackout of all time.

We will record a new episode of Revolution Fan Podcast after each new episode. Look for our next episode the week of September 17th.

For information about the composition and recording of the Revolution Fan Podcast theme song, see Tom’s other podcast, Making My Own Music, episode 10.

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